3 thoughts on “Saturday Blogwhoring Thread

  1. I wrote a few things for fun.
    1)Wish it away into the cornfield Daddy
    I Talk about the powerful little boys who are controlling our world and comparing them to Anthony in the classic Twilight Zone episode with Billy Mumy. He can do anything he wants with a thought. And he can “Wish someone away into the Cornfield” when he doesn’t get what he wants.
    Think about how sick the people in power are who are willing to destroy the entire economy unless they got their bribe. You give us our money with no oversight or we will kill the country. Think of the pain and suffering of the Great Depression. They aren’t old enough to remember it, so maybe it doesn’t seem real to them. Maybe they never had to scramble for a job or see how crushed people were who couldn’t get work. Of course these same money managers were happy to destroy OTHER companies and demand other companies sell out their labor force because they assumed they would never be touched.
    “I’m smart. I’m rich. I change the law when it is convenient. I deserve to rule the world and my philosophy should be adopted by all, except me. (Especially when it doesn’t work the way I want. Remember, I know better because I’m rich!”
    They want the “market” to work on others but not on themselves. Hypocrite, thy name is investment banker.
    I really think that they SHOULD be seriously impacted by this, it will be good for them. They will grow as humans. Maybe then they will have more sympathy for others.
    These people spit on us as the same time they take our money. Their arrogance needs to be tamped down but if you have enough lobbyists and buy enough votes you can do anything.
    2)Video of John McCain Changing Postions for No Good Reason
    I look at Brave New Film’s video of John McCain changing what he says on an issue from one day to the next. I also question how people and media ignore evidence when they don’t fit into their core beliefs.

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