Wind…Gone with the Bailout

It was going to be a hard sell anyway but now there is no time or money for this.

WASHINGTON — Rep. Gene Taylor’s relentless two-year campaign to
secure wind coverage as part of the federal flood insurance program is
on the verge of failure, a victim of vicious opposition in the Senate,
of suspicions about a new government program and ultimately, of bad

“It looks like there will be an extension of the present
program,” said Taylor, D-Bay St. Louis, in an interview. The National
Flood Insurance Program expires Sept. 30 unless Congress acts and
lawmakers, anxious to help victims of hurricanes Ike and Gustav, are
looking for a simple extension – with no policy changes – while they
focus on the $700 billion Wall Street bailout.

One thought on “Wind…Gone with the Bailout

  1. Wind coverage? Did you know many of the fat cats who circulate from board to board and from job to job throughout the financial industry, are also members of the Bilderberg Group and or the Trilateral Commission? When someone takes your money and steals your car, it makes an impression. When they belong to such secret political cliques, it leaves an indelible impression, hence the secrecy. Many elected officials even belong to these cabals. When Bill Clinton eased banking restrictions, he dished out $8-billion dollars for community reinvestment loans. When the financing schemes fell through, as is their wont whenever 30-million Mexican nationals buy inflated properties and default, it left banks in the lurch. Hillary Clinton counted on the loan giveaways to buy votes. Interestingly enough, had Hillary secured the nomination; she, instead of Barack Obama would preside over the bailout. So, where’s that $8-bilion plus dollars? Where’s Hillary? The Global Initiative people (code speak for car thieves) took my money; they stole my car. If you or I did half the things these people have done, we’d be serving consecutive life sentences. Wise up, get angry, and let the bubble burst. Remember, Ben Stein says you’re going to be just fine. You have my word on it too. Gentlemen, I want my money back:

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