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Hi, faithful readers – let’s get the anti-stupidity nose plugs in and suit up, shall we? With the Palin Pimple (can’t really call it a bounce) popping, the guardians of the Gates Of Denial (just south of the Gates Of Delirium) are ringing the alarum bells. It’s as if they hadn’t really spent the last month singing the praises of the person they all now excoriate as He Who Is Not Realy A Conservative (HWINRAC), but we know better, don’t we?

McCain Likes Democrat Andrew Cuomo for SEC Chief
CNS News ^
Posted onMonday, September 22, 2008 9:32:15 AM bySub-Driver
McCain Likes Democrat Andrew Cuomo for SEC Chief Monday, September 22, 2008 By Susan Jones, Senior Editor
( – If he’s elected president, Republican Sen. John McCain says he would want Democrat Andrew Cuomo to chair the Securities and Exchange Commission.
McCain, who has called for Republican SEC chief Chris Cox to resign, made the comment on the CBS program “60 Minutes” Sunday night.
“I’m curious,” CBS Correspondent Scott Pelley told McCain. “If you want to fire Chris Cox, the chairman of the SEC, who would you replace him with?”
McCain responded: “This may sound a little unusual, but I’ve admired Andrew Cuomo. I think he is somebody who could restore some credibility, lend some bipartisanship to this effort.”
Pelley: He’s a Democrat.
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The FIEND!! Let’s see how many aneurisms this generates, shall we?

Johnny Cuomo-lately‏:

To: Sub-Driver
Get ready for an Obama White House if this fool keeps it up. He finally got his base back with Palin and could easily hang this whole financial crises on the Dems with Cuomos idiocy in the 90’s. This kind of talk makes me want to take my “McCain/Palin” sign out of my yard.
15 posted onMonday, September 22, 2008 9:40:50 AM byalbie
To: hershey
Why are we all supporting this man, McCain, again?
Cuomo was one of the architects of the current financial crisis. While in charge of HUD he spent his time funding bogus studies to “prove” redlining. This in turn was used as the lever to force the new lending rules into the 1999 banking bill which Clinton signed into law. That bill included a requirement that banks make loans to “historically underserved communities”. And of course it allowed the sub-prime loans created to be collateralized for the first time.
Another Cuomo greatest hit, as head of HUD, was suing gun manufacterers based on the fact that his tennants (the gang bangers who live in the FedGov housing projects that HUD runs) get shot a lot.
Among the results of this bogus lawsuit was the agreement by Smith & Wesson to put little locks into all their revolvers.
If there is a more useless, hateful, far-left idiot than Andrew Cuomo in national politics you’d pretty much have to go to the Congress to find them. (Conyers, Barney Frank, The fact that his entire career is due to nepotism is a nice touch too.
20 posted onMonday, September 22, 2008 9:42:40 AM byJack Black
Aww – BOO to tha HOO HOO!
To: Sub-Driver
This is proof we have no GOOD candidate in this fight. I’ll vote for Palin, but understand that McCain is an appalling candidate for the Republican party…I’m under no illusion that McCain is either a conservative, or even a reasonably bright adult.
And yet, on his bad days, he’s still a lot better than Obama.
21 posted onMonday, September 22, 2008 9:43:34 AM byMr Rogers (Mav & the Barracuda vs. Messiah and the Mouth)

To: Mr Rogers
And yet, on his bad days, he’s still a lot better than Obama.We are so screwed.
22 posted onMonday, September 22, 2008 9:44:23 AM bydfwgator
Why, yes. You are. And I’m all tingly.
Milk shot out of my nose!‏:
Villain Phil (Gramm) ^| September 22, 2008
Posted onMonday, September 22, 2008 10:15:50 AM byreaganaut1
Barack Obama wants to tell a tale about turbulence in the financial markets, and like any good melodrama this story needs a villain. Sen. Obama believes he has found his mustache-twirling Snidely Whiplash in the person of Phil Gramm, the candid-to-a-fault former senator from Texas who presided over a major reform of American banking laws a decade ago. Obama here displays a signal failure to understand the convulsions in the markets. And he also fails to identify the guilty parties — which is odd, since some of them used to sign his paycheck back in his community-organizing days and others are among his most important political donors.
The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 passed the Senate with 90 votes (8 against, 1 absence: John McCain, who supported the legislation) and was signed into law by Bill Clinton. It had little to do with the issues at play in the current crisis: lending standards and the amount of debt banks can take on relative to their equity. The upshot of the Gramm legislation is that it allows financial services companies to diversify their lines of business: Commercial banks can engage in investment banking, banks can offer brokerage services, and you can have an IRA at the same place you have your checking account.
What we have here is a case of what economist Paul H. Rubin calls “folk economics” — value-laden myths that do not reflect financial realities.

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And the punchline? (wait for it…)

To: reaganaut1
But, but . . . . Clinton had sex in the oval office!
3 posted onMonday, September 22, 2008 10:52:08 AM byendangeredfeces
Well, that’s one meme that will never take hold. I mean, the IDEA!!.
The power of Christ compels you!!!!
40 Days of Prayer and Fasting apostolate ^| September 23, 2008 | magdalen
Posted onTuesday, September 23, 2008 4:20:15 PM bymagdalen
Now more than ever we need this powerful prayer tool of the 40 days of prayer and fasting. To sign up and commit see
or do what you can. Last year great inroads in the fight against the culture of death were made. This is supernatural warfare here! Much is at stake in this election year.
This prayer and sacrifice effort begins on September 24th. Please be a part.
Ave Maria!

TOPICS:Activism;Moral Issues;Prayer;Religion & Culture

1 posted onTuesday, September 23, 2008 4:20:16 PM bymagdalen

To: magdalen
Are you trying to get Catholics to fast at a time that overlaps with Ramadan?
2 posted onTuesday, September 23, 2008 4:21:45 PM byPiranha

To: magdalen
Will I see visions and speak in tongues?
3 posted onTuesday, September 23, 2008 4:26:01 PM byBob J (For every 1000 hacking at the branches of evil, one strikes at it’s root.)

To: magdalen
I can barely make it 40 minutes before I’m hungry again.
4 posted onTuesday, September 23, 2008 4:27:50 PM byRetired Greyhound
This is the way the world ends, this is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends – not with a fast, but a giggle.
McCain Loses His Head (George Will Loses His Head)
Washington Post ^| September 23, 2008 | George Will
Posted onTuesday, September 23, 2008 1:06:06 PM byrubeng
Under the pressure of the financial crisis, one presidential candidate is behaving like a flustered rookie playing in a league too high. It is not Barack Obama.
Channeling his inner Queen of Hearts, John McCain furiously, and apparently without even looking around at facts, said Chris Cox, chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, should be decapitated. This childish reflex provoked the Wall Street Journal to editorialize that “McCain untethered” — disconnected from knowledge and principle — had made a “false and deeply unfair” attack on Cox that was “unpresidential” and demonstrated that McCain “doesn’t understand what’s happening on Wall Street any better than Barack Obama does.” . . .

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Eeep! Ya can’t trust anybody, can ya?

To: rubeng
What the heck is wrong with this guy? Sound like he’s now in the tank for Obama. I used to have respect for him.
2 posted onTuesday, September 23, 2008 1:07:32 PM byrubeng

To: rubeng
Will, was right McCain proves he is a loose cannon.
4 posted onTuesday, September 23, 2008 1:10:54 PM byboomop1
To: rubeng
Ping to me to read later. Skimmed through it. Wow to the last paragraph. McCain’s definitely got a hot head and holds grudges. Unfortunately, you really can’t trust which side he’s going to come down on.
8 posted onTuesday, September 23, 2008 1:13:13 PM bybeaversmom
(singing) “Love is in the air…”
Meanwhile, in the “Down, down, down” department:
Obama 48%, McCain 42% (Hotline/FD Tracking Poll)
Hotline/FD Poll ^| 9/24/2008 | Hotline/FD Poll
Posted onWednesday, September 24, 2008 9:28:02 AM bytatown
Obama 48%, McCain 42% which is up 2 points for Obama since yesterday.

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A brief burst of sanity:

It is obvious that momentum is again shifting to Obama. The financial crisis has been very damaging to McCain/Palin.
1 posted onWednesday, September 24, 2008 9:28:02 AM bytatown
Followed by a not-so-brief burst of feces-flinging:
To: tatown
Another outlier. Or maybe Battleground is the outlier?
2 posted onWednesday, September 24, 2008 9:29:54 AM byCatOwner
To: tatown
McCain has got to come out of hiding and offer a solution. And President Bush needs to grab his teleprompter and address the nation and call people out, who did what and why, what he did to prevent it that wasn’t passed by Congress, and what our options are. Bush needs to do this for us all…TONIGHT.
5 posted onWednesday, September 24, 2008 9:31:20 AM byDRey
And we all saw howthat ended up, didn’t we?
To: tatown
I will be posting what I said from an earlier post every time I see polls posted …FOLKS this in NOT the time to go wobbly… Just came for Drudge and he has a picture of the smug black messiah making a fist like the black panthers! I still don’t believe this, NO WAY NO HOW…I’m getting a little nervous but GOD will help us win this battle. The Tsunami of evil spewed by the RATS and their accomplices is beyond anything I have EVER witnessed. I serve a God who deals with the impossible, I serve a MIGHTY God who deals severely with evil doers. I serve a God who listens to the cries of his people. I serve a KING who has the power to turn the hearts of people to do the right thing. I serve a MASTER who turns situations around… what satan meant for evil HE will turn it around for good. I have to believe I serve a MIGHTY GOD! Fix your eyes on Him don’t look at the situation, but put your faith in him. IF ever we needed Him most it’s now. Call upon him and he will answer. I’m NOT willing to surrender my COUNTRY over to Satan’s cronies yet! The SPIRITUAL fight has just began. Please, I implore you, FAST AND PRAY. This is the only way we can defeat the demons and their plans. PLEASE, PLEASE..God Doesn’t need an army of millions but a handful of faithful believers who are willing to take a stand in the middle of the Storm by faith believing without wavering that God can do all things! Even this to turn an election to favor McPAL!Join me with prayer and fasting.”
22 posted onWednesday, September 24, 2008 9:38:12 AM byRoseofTexas
Ahem. Please scroll up to view the “fasting” thread. Then jump off the roof of your trailer.
Next, “We’re losing North Carolina!! That’s unpossible!!!” :
As am I, chuckles, as am I.
To: Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus
Of course Obama is not ahead in North Carolina, for goodness sake. If he’s winning in NC, then why not other southern states. What is it about North Carolina that has the media calling it a “battleground” state?
The demographics couldn’t shift THAT much in 4 years.
This state gave Bush a double digit win.
58 posted onThursday, September 25, 2008 7:54:56 AM bysnarkytart
To: SoCalConservative
There are more people than you think that simply will not vote for a black man for President. I don’t think that’s true.
I think there are a lot of people who won’t vote for a black man (um, half-black) like Barack Hussein Obama for president. These people know and like many black people personally, but Obama is not like the blacks they know. The blacks they know are religious, have American values and common sense, and share cultural affinities with them. Obama’s a socialist revolutionary from Chicago.
60 posted onThursday, September 25, 2008 7:59:00 AM byJohnnyZ (This gun for hire)
Obama is not like “the blacks they know”?? Only in the sense that he’s not afraid of you..
To: Gondring
I am reminded of all the great optimism of Republican Congressional gains in 2006. Ha! A prescient warning that should be well-heeded by all here. In ’06 we spent an enormous amount of energy trying to convince ourselves that the polls just couldn’t be right, that nobody in their right minds would sweep out the ‘Pubs and replace them with ‘Rats. Well, guess what, that’s exactly what happened.
We can’t afford to delude ourselves again. We ignore these warnings at our peril. If Obama is leading in a place like NC, it doesn’t look good nationally. What to do? Well, hopefully, once he’s done in DC (which I hope doesn’t take too long), McCain and Palin have to get out in front of this Wall Street crap, and hammer every day on the issue and pin it on O’Bummer and the ‘Rats as much as they can, because the ‘Rats are out there already pinning it on the ‘Pubs. That means engage the public and the ‘Rats directly as often as possible. Absolutely saturate the airwaves in key states with ads. Get the ground game geared up as early as possible. And never, ever let the enemy (the media and the ‘Rats) frame the debate. Preempt them at every turn. Stay on offense, don’t try to play defense, because unlike football, defense doesn’t win in politics.
62 posted onThursday, September 25, 2008 8:08:44 AM bychimera
HEY! You got your desperation in my fear and loathing!
To: CSI007
Something I have been saying for days now. Anyone that thinks that things are A-OK in this election should have their heads examined. This poll is frightening. I think many people who live in conservative areas are following in Pauline Kael’s (apocryphal) footsteps. They have no clue how widespread Obama support is, and can’t understand how many areas contain very uninformed voters who have NO CLUE about the scary aspects of Obama.
70 posted onThursday, September 25, 2008 8:16:05 AM byGondring
There are also many who have NO CLUE about the very scary and real threat of ailien abduction. Maybe you and they could form a PAC? “Reactionaries against anal probes”!
And this one’s just too good to pass up:
To: CommerceComet
It is fun listening to all the Chicken Littles on this thread. Yeah, the same thing was said in ’06, that everyone who took the polls seriously was a “Chicken Little”. Well, guess what? The sky fell, and crushed the ‘Pubs. Then everyone stood around in the wreckage and wondered what happened, before finding a convenient scapegoat (RINOs).
You want to ignore these warnings, then fine, go ahead. Sit back and blow them off. But don’t come around here on Nov. 5th, when we’re facing the grim prospect of a President-elect Obama, asking “Whoa hoppen? How could this happen?”
For the most part, the South has been solid for Republican candidates for the majority of recent elections. It’s a must-have. We have to sweep it. If we lose a linchpin state like VA or NC, we’re done. They’re just that important. We can’t afford to look the other way on things like this, “outlier” or not. McCain has to be working to hold what we’ve had in recent elections. They’ve been so close that we can’t afford to lose many states that we’ve won before, especially since we’re already looking at losing places like IA and NM and maybe CO. Use results like this poll as a motivation not to be complacent. We’ve got to campaign like we’re behind, because we’re not only fighting the ‘Rats, but also their fifth-column allies in the media, their guerrilla warriors in the schools and universities, and the fickle nature of a somewhat intellectually lazy and uninformed electorate.
89 posted onThursday, September 25, 2008 9:32:19 AM bychimera
Fortunately, there’s just too much“It’s an outlier”, and“they don’t sample enough Republicans” and“crackers won’t vote for uppity negroes” going on in this thread for anyone to pay much attention to chimera.
I was curious to see if the Freepers were having any discussions about McCain’s $3,000.00 makeup regimen. Not a word, but I did find this:

Romney spent $300 on makeup ‘consulting’
The Politico ^| July 16, 2007 | Kenneth P. Vogel
Posted onTuesday, July 17, 2007 12:50:48 AM bygpapa
What kinds of things do you think of when you hear “communications consulting”?

Speechwriting? Message strategy?

Well, “communications consulting” is how presidential candidate Mitt Romney recorded $300 in payments to a California company that describes itself as “a mobile beauty team for hair, makeup and men’s grooming and spa services.”

(Excerpt) Read more

I suppose we can take it as read that they’ll be giving McCain the same treatment as this:

To: gpapa
did someone defect from edwards’ campaign and sign on with romney?
3 posted onTuesday, July 17, 2007 12:53:19 AM bythefactor
To: gpapa
Once a day I wash everything. Once a month I run electric clippers over everything above my neck. If that doesn’t make me pretty, to Hell with it!
7 posted onTuesday, July 17, 2007 1:01:56 AM bySWAMPSNIPER
You know, this would be a natural for pay-per-view. Proceeds to go to swampsiper’s survivors.
And now (drumroll) – proof positive that Freepers are sexist towards Sarah Palin!
To: gpapa
“…What kinds of things do you think of when you hear “communications consulting”…? “
Applying lipstick to a pig?
25 posted onTuesday, July 17, 2007 3:06:15 AM bythe (What would Beowulf do?)
On that note, I leave you. Don’t worry about scrubbing up today, I’m trying a maintenece service newly being offered by Blackwater – they actually shoot the individual microbes with high-powered rifles!
Just to show you that it’s not all dogs at the Tommy T digs, may I present – Sunny and Kingsford! They’re buds.
And, of course, your daily Bailey!

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