Our Shitty Media

Tom Brokaw’s recent x-ray.

So I was watching
theToday show this morning. My fault, I know. Meredith Vieira was interviewing Tom Brokaw, who’s pimping a new book about, of all things, The Year The Media Can’t Forget. I speak, of course, of 1968, the year that we are doomed to be stuck in until the last fucking person who remembers Woodstock shuffles off this mortal coil. At one point during the interview, when Vieira was asking Brokaw about this year’s election, Brokaw actually said “This all reminds me of 1968.” Really, Tom? It does? What part? The riots? The protests? The assassinations? I gotta admit, the pointless war has some parallels, but you have got to let that year go. Let it go. It’s not healthy to obsess over an ex like that, and you’ve been doing it for forty years. Move on. 

In addition, when pressed for a description of the current state of the race, he said that the best metaphor he could come up with was a horse race, where the candidates were coming around the final turn, and Obama had opened a sizealbe lead. Yes. That’s right. The best metaphor he could come up with is the same metaphor that has been used to describe election coverage for, oh, two centuries now. On top of that, Obama doesn’t have a “sizeable” lead;he’s beating the ever-loving shit out of McCain

Finally, an election is not a spectator sport, asshole. And, even if you wanted to use a sport metaphor to describe it, could you at least pick something relevant? Who gives a fuck about horse racing? (I apologize to any of our readers in or around Lexington, KY. I know it’s more important there, or you wouldn’t have a Man-O-War Boulevard in town.) Oh, yeah, when there’s a black man running for president, it might also be nice to use a metaphor that doesn’t involve an animal being whipped to make it do what the rider wants. Just sayin’.

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  1. Brokaw was an embarrassment in the debate, and an even worse embarrassment on Meet the Press yesterday. He was just one step removed from “Mr. Corzine, when did Barack Obama stop being a terrorist?” He let Portman blather on ad nauseum, barely let Corzine respond, and then gave Portman the last word on the worst question ever, asking him which was more difficult, playing Obama or Clinton for McCain’s debate prep. Sweet candycorn Jesus, the man needs to fucking retire. Again. And stay that way. FOREVER.

  2. after reading(or almost finishing) his ‘greatest generation’ book, he is shallow as a puddle. of COURSE he can’t get over 68.

  3. This all reminds Brokaw of 1968 because he was smoking pot then too. Come to think of it, 1994 reminds him of 1968. And 2002. And 1987. Oh, hell, it’s all been a crazy, hazy cloud of 1968 for Tom Brokaw. Pass me the munchies.

  4. Some arrogant little shit wrote:
    I speak, of course, of 1968, the year that we are doomed to be stuck in until the last fucking person who remembers Woodstock shuffles off this mortal coil.
    Go buy a history book and learn something, dumbass.

  5. It’s so cute when self-righteous Baby Boomers get their drawers in a knot.
    I know Woodstock wasn’t in 1968, ya tool. I’m making a bigger point about how too many of our national media figures view everything through the lens of “The Sixties,” a period that comprises, roughly, the years from 1967-1973. They can’t get over that time period, and they have chosen 1968 to stand as their symbol for the entire time span.
    Go familiarize yourself with rhetorical devices, dumbass.

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