The Overwhelming Crazy That We Face

They’ve actually made Flanders look reasonable. Now that’s a hell of a trick.

Hey hey, everybody.

An old friend from high school got in touch with me on Facebook recently. I wrote something about ithere earlier. Well, if you don’t wanna click through, the gist of it is that she’s gone off into crazy fundie-Republican land. Don’t believe me? Check out the description ofthis online group she invited me to join:

Dear Sarah Palin Supporter,

America is at a crossroad. The
pro-choice liberal media is doing its best to pull America down the
tubes. I’m sure you believe with me that Sarah Palin, like Esther in
the Bible, has been brought onto our political scene for “such a time
as this”. While we’re ecstatic about John McCain’s choice, we can’t sit
idly by and allow the forces of darkness to assault Sarah Palin and the
righteous cause for which she stands! We need to build a WALL OF
PROTECTION through prayer.

Sarah Palin and her family need an
infrastructure of Intercessory Prayer Partners who will be undergirding
her and her family in prayer during this campaign. We’re praying that
God would raise up believers across this land to pray for Sarah’s
PROTECTION against every weapon that is formed against her and her
family. Pray for God’s wisdom to come upon her so that she continues to
confound the naysayers. Pray for God’s supernatural STRENGTH enabling
her to endure the rigors of the intense and longs days that are before
her. Pray for increasing FAVOR with undecided voters.

I would
also encourage you to invite your Christian friends to join us so that
we can mobilize a massive prayer army to stand in the gap on behalf of
Sarah and our nation.

► 1 First, join this group.

► 2 Click on “Invite People to Join” button in the right menu.

► 3 Select all of your friends.

► 4 Click on the “Send invitation” button

Will you join me on the wall of intercession UNTIL ELECTION TUESDAY?

Together on our face,
Paul Spuler

P.S. If you’re new to this group, and would like to read archived messages, please go to the Discussion board.


this group continues to grow, we want to be clear that this is a
network that exists for the sole purpose of providing prayer support
for Sarah Palin. If you are not a Palin supporter, this is not the
group for you.

Posting for the sake of expressing your
opposition to Sarah Palin or starting arguments or being contrary is a
waste of your time and a waste of the time of the rest of the people in
this group. Profanity/lewd /inappropriate comments will not be
tolerated. Primarily, we want this to be a place where genuine
Christians come together and PRAY. If you have other motives, then by
all means, please start your own group.

Now, you should keep in mind that, back in the day when I saw this woman regularly, I was just about as liberal and areligious as I am now. Not quite, but close. So why she saw fit to send this to me I cannot say. But the amount of crazy there is just stunning. I mean, among other things, you’re trying to get people to pray so that God will “raise up” other people…to pray. Uh-huh. 

These are gonna be some scary people come the fifth of next month. And for many, many days thereafter. So what happens when they lose? Do they realize that prayer didn’t work? Or do they think they just didn’t pray hard enough? What about the Divine Plan, huh? What about that? I mean, if Obama is elected President, that must be part of God’s great plan, right? Otherwise it couldn’t happen.

Sheesh. Trying to understand why these people do what they do makes my head hurt.

I think I might join the group and not pray. Would that be an effective technique to undermine them? An intercessory free rider?

16 thoughts on “The Overwhelming Crazy That We Face

  1. C’mon, it’s only a “Divine Plan” if it goes THEIR way…or, rather, the way THEIR flock ‘leaders’ tell them it is to go. It just never occurs to them that the OTHER WAY may be THE way. Or maybe their gahd is just fucking with them? Oh for their ideological mindsets to ‘asplode’!

  2. my question is, when god gives them an answer to their prayers and barack obama is president, are they going to accept that answer?
    and my suggestion is to point these people in the direction of the third commandment which, according to their bible, instructs against people making claims that they speak for god.

  3. I would just tell your old pal that you’ll pray for her, and leave it at that. Joining the group will just expose you to more such invitations in the future, so why bother?
    “Pray” can be defined very loosely, as in, “I hope to God she gets her head screwed back on someday.” Being an optimistic liberal, I always think there’s hope for those mired in wingnuttia. I don’t know why I think that, but I do.
    Peace, V.

  4. have you seen this?
    My Friend Bill Ayers
    Once wanted by the FBI, he’s since become a model citizen.
    “I can personally attest to the idiocy of it all because I am a friend of Mr. Ayers. In fact, I met him in the same way Mr. Obama says he did: 10 years ago, Mr. Ayers was a guy in my neighborhood in Chicago who knew something about fundraising. I knew nothing about it, I needed to learn, and a friend referred me to Bill.
    Bill’s got lots of friends, and that’s because he is today a dedicated servant of those less fortunate than himself; because he is unfailingly generous to people who ask for his help; and because he is kind and affable and even humble. Moral qualities which, by the way, were celebrated boisterously on day one of the GOP convention in September.”

  5. I think I hurt my head reading that letter. Jude, next time you decide to repost something like that, I think you need to issue your readers crash helmets.
    I love the way in which the first sentence is stated with absolute certainty: It’s the liberal media and pro-choice folks who are killing this country. No facts, no substantiation, just a “water is wet” kind of statement. I’d like to know how the two of those concepts link together to screw over America. I see it working like this in their heads:
    One Liberal: “Hey did you notice the economy was going to hell, we’re stuck in a war that’s costing billions and nobody in the world likes us?”
    Second Liberal: “Nah, I was in the middle of getting an abortion and writing about how cool it was.”
    Third Liberal: “Hey everyone! I was just in San Fran marrying someone of my own gender. You think it frightened the traders on the NYSE? Gas spiked a buck a gallon after I was spotted leaving city hall, but it was totally worth it! Anything going on I should be aware of?”
    Good grief…

  6. I’m really puzzled by their devotion to Palin.
    Um, guys? Other than Cheney, no VP has ever run things. And, while McCain’s nearly as stupid as Bush, I don’t think he’s quite as lazy and willing to let others usurp his power. Hell no. He’s wanted this for far too long to let anyone else run the show.

  7. Jude, all exceptions made for McCain’s less-than-stellar health record and unreleased bits…
    Palin would be a glued-lock-defibrillator-cabinet away from the #1 posish…
    It’s not out of the possibilities – no matter HOW much McCain wants his day in the Oval Office. She’d be fertilizing the Rose Garden w/his remains in a trice.

  8. I like the comment over at ONTD_Political, where they were talking about that “Show us you’re better than Hindu, Buddha, Allah” prayer at the Palin rally:
    “Are they calling God a pussy?”

  9. If their God is ‘da man’ – he better pony up and shut them down – start all over, obvy any brains his followers had are wayyyyy bred out. That’s the ‘rapture’ – he blips all ‘teh stoopids’ off the planet and lets the folks w/functioning grey matter actually get a turn.

  10. I heartily encourage people like this to pray, and do nothing but pray, until November 5.

  11. If the feelings I had for my neighbor’s display of “Jesus Light of the World” in Christmas lights on his porch railing in mid-November 2004 are any indication, these people are going to be pissed. I was angry even with the baby Jesus the night Bush won his second term.

  12. If the xtianists are going to shove “Merry Christmas” down our throats yet again this year, then THEY should have to hand candy out to Trick or Treaters on Halloween – none of that ‘shut the light off we don’t celebrate’ crap NOR ‘pass out tracts about xtianity in lieu of candy to the little heathens’!!! It’s the VERY least they can do – but of course we would be stepping (however lightly) on their precious baby jeebus’ toes… Jesus WOULD have trick or treated had it been a trad in his younger days!!! Hmmmpph!

  13. “Intercessory Prayer Partners”?
    That’s Jim Bakker territory right there, a straight up pray on the PTSD crowd con-game.
    I grew up learning that prayers are most effective when silent.

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