I Was Wrong

Mea culpa.

Yes. I was wrong.My prediction, which many of my friends told me was impossibly optimistic, wasn’t optimistic enough.

I like being in error that way. So thank you, people of North Carolina and Indiana, for proving me wrong.

And the margins were pretty thin in Virginia and Florida, but not as thin as I’d imagined. 

Dear news networks: You need better pundits. If I could make this surprisingly accurate call, sitting in my apartment with nothing more than a laptop and Internet access, just think what I could do for you. And I’ll work for half the salary of those always-wrong chumps you currently employ. Think about it.

6 thoughts on “I Was Wrong

  1. There’s still a lot of goddamned purple out there in the Red Sea, brother. I’ve been alternately depressed and happier clicking on the the county views. Mine was 50-48 percent. McCain won by only 1200 votes. As for the rest of Texas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas were all blue. Houston had not been carried by a Dem President since LBJ!

  2. Jude,
    FYI, you still have Indiana in red on the map. A little more blue is always nice!!

  3. Nate and the crew at fivethirtyeight.com almost nailed it down to the last vote. Always trust a baseball stats nerd!

  4. T-dogg:
    Yeah, I know. That was my prediction map a month ago. I’m begging public forgiveness for my mistake.

  5. Jude,
    Not that I’m complaining or anything, but isn’t it sad that the post-Katrina gulf coast is still so red???

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