12 thoughts on “It’ll Soon Shake Your Windows and Rattle Your Walls

  1. I alternately had two scenarios for what Bush was thinking last night. One was total paranoia, guilt, and dark night of the soul, hunkered down in the WH basement bowling alley.
    The other was blithely sleeping like a baby- “Lookit all them people. Whatever…”
    At first I thought his (alleged)call to Obama sounded gracious, then I though it was like, even Bush (in his own way) was caught up in the drama: “OMG, Dude, lookit the teevee. That’s so awesome. Dude!”

  2. To quote a rather famous Canadian, “Democracy is coming to the… U… S…A!”

  3. my mom is in DC — she said it reminded her of V-J day — the sheer joy and excitement — also, she and I remember vividly the riots and fires in 1968, especially after MLK was shot. mom said the local TV news showed video of those same streets that were in flames 40 years ago — tonight filled with happy, joyful people dancing, singing, shouting Yes We Can. made mom cry with happiness to have seen it come full circle.
    happy to be American once again.

  4. Do you suppose they can get rid of that goddamned fence now? I hate the implication that the White House, which belongs to the citizens of the United States of America, is somehow off-limits to those citizens.
    Yeah, yeah, security, war on terror, blah blah. Maybe with an actual genuine leader at work in the White House that level of paranoia won’t be necessary. Well, Obama just got elected — I’m allowed some dreams.
    Peace, V.

  5. It’s not unfair to say that the Vox populi can’t carry a tune in a bucket ! . . But their heart’s in it (so many puns, so little time 😉

  6. skilled singers or not, they’ve got the right idea — a joyful noise ’round Jericho, and the wall(s) {including that idiot Rio Grande fence, please FSM!!!} will come tumblin’ down …

  7. Victoria – The chain-link fence in the video is temporary because they’re digging holes in Pennsylvania there for something. The tall black fence is probably never coming down, for better or for worse.
    While they were singing, I was weeping. Fantastic. I walked all around the city on the 5th, and just reveled in being in this place (I live in DC) in this time.

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