12 thoughts on “Remember, Remember The Fifth Of November

  1. Last night, after the race was called I opened a bottle of champagne and played a recording of the 1812 overature as loudly as my speakers would permit. Hopefully loud enough for all my conservative neighbors to hear. Not that any of them would get the reference.

  2. Realizing it’s Guy Fawkes Day (or rather “Barack Obama Day” – the day he blew up the Republican craptacularness that was fucking up our country) after working 12 hours and now I need to bake a cake…auughh!!! And tomorrow – more working working working…ugh! Thank goodness for OT!
    I would pop in the dvd of V for Vendetta, but I loaned it to my dad! Bother!

  3. Drug my tired ass into work after staying up until 3:00am (PST) trying to see what Alaska had to say about a convicted felon running for office. As near as I can tell, they want to ship him far, far away. I found out today one of my colleagues is the cousin of the judge in the Stevens case but we’ve been too busy to exchange gossip. After a good nights sleep, I hope to find time to chatter over a cup of coffee tomorrow and see what the scoop if there is one, actually is.

  4. I loved V for Vendetta, too! 🙂 I wish my pate would look as nice shaved as Natalie’s but I fear mine is not. One of my fave bits was the alliteration in the opening scene.

  5. I mean I’ve tried to forget a lot about what happened in the movie theater that day but as I recall, the place broke out in laughter when whatshername went “but you TORTURED me” in that really fake British accent.
    The story was cool, I’ll give you that.
    And trust that I’ve packed on 15 lbs worth of Whiz wits over the course of that world series.

  6. Celebrated my birthday.
    Didn’t think Americans knew what Guy Fawkes Day was.

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