Before They Have The Balls?

TPM prints an e-mail from a reader about Dems and health care reform:

It’s going to come down to a whip count in the Senate. If Baucus’ bill has legs, they should move on it quickly, before the honeymoon is over and Senate Republicans have the balls to use a filibuster.

Because I’m sorry, but was the writer awake during the past eight years? The Republicans have always had the balls to use that which they declared the Democrats could not without destroying the very fabric of society. Hypocrisy isn’t just a tool in their arsenal, it’s the sum total of said arsenal and most of its ammunition. The Republicans will filibuster Baucus’s bill just to watch it die and declare to all and sundry that they had no choice because liberals suck.

If there’s one thing that has consistently made me fucking crazy over the past two presidential administrations it’s the willingness of Republicans to use any and all means available to screw over their constituents in order to piss off liberals, while Democrats are reluctant to use the same means to make people’s lives better for fear of pissing off conservatives.


4 thoughts on “Before They Have The Balls?

  1. Maybe we should change the Left’s O/S.
    I have absolutely no problem with screwing with the Right as they have done to Americans for almost 3 decades. Payback is always a cold bitch.

  2. Obama was elected in part because he is not out for revenge against Repubs. At least I assume that is the case, since he certainly isn’t looking for that revenge. If he were, he would be all for putting Lieberman in a broom closet in the Senate.
    So, any thought that the Democrats will turn around an bite the Repubs now, is just dreaming. And, I most certainly do agree that the Repubs deserve at least a tenth of the misery the inflicted on Democrats for the past 8 years. For starters the Senate should change their rules to require only 51 votes for closure of debate on any bill. I can’t see any reason to keep the 60 vote requirement any longer.
    Personally, I still would like to see Obama submit nominations for two more Supreme Court justices, and the Senate to confirm them, giving the court 11 justices, and getting rid of the conservative majority.
    I see those two things as equal to about 1 percent of the crap the Repubs inflicted on us.

  3. It isn’t a matter of revenge, it’s a matter of rooting out the all the crap the goppers have done wrong and fixing it. Which requires using whatever tools at hand.
    The dry powder could be used now, even. But the problem is that Pelosi and Reid are incapable of doing what needs to be done. As they have proved over and over. So can we get rid of them somehow?

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