This Is No Longer A Place For You To Slack

Obama’s not amused:

I think Obama is using this series of pressers in a number of ways.
First, he’s assuming power, respectfully but definitively, and it’s
being ceded to him by our frat-boy loser who patently cannotwait
to go cut mesquite an hour north of where I live and be allowed to
openly drink himself into oblivion. (Deeper oblivion, I should say.) To
quote Vice President Elect Biden from today’s speech, “These are
extraordinary times, and that’s not hyperbole”. We are in death-rattle
need of leadership, and watching it pull on hip boots is giving
everybody except the End-Timers a chance to breathe again.

he’s re-educating America to expect communication, useful information,
and respect from its government. Like, speaking in, whoa, complete
sentences, you know? No code words, no bluster, no shoddily-concealed
lies, no fear-mongering, and no “dumbing it down”. I’m pained by how
unusual it looks and sounds. And I very much appreciate how he is all
business. These are not joking matters he’s bringing to us. I’m more
than ready to be around grown-ups again.

What’s fun about it, of course, is that people are so gobsmacked. After eight years of “Mr. President, should we pray?” and little nicknames, I like that Obama’s reaction to being asked about shit he doesn’t care about is kind of “… the hell?” I’m sure there are people who see this as arrogant and condescending, but I’m honestly easier with arrogant and condescending than I am with jokey and trivial, from a guy in that chair.


11 thoughts on “This Is No Longer A Place For You To Slack

  1. Amen.
    If the reaction from the right-wing lapdog Washington media is any indication, they’re about to be schooled in the grown-up real world; and after playing in the sandbox for years & years — first making mudpies to throw at Clinton, then drawing hearts with arrows thru them for their special crush, George Dubya — they’re not going to take it easily.
    Didn’t some cable hag already get all huffy because Obama dismissed a really stupid question from the Washington press?

  2. You’re exactly right about the Chimpster itching to get out of town. But I’ve never believed his “photo-op” look-like-Ronnie Ray-Gun brush cutting. This is a very lazy frat-boy who will spend a few week-ends here and there in Crawford, but will always want to be in his tony new digs in Preston Hollow, drinking himself stupider.

  3. I find it a relief that George Bush will finally have the time to get his ranch back in order, get the cattle settled in, the hay in the barn, etc. I expect that he will soon make of that ranch still another of his chain of successes. Look for restaurants to feature Bush Burgers all across America, and Bush raised cattle go to slaughter. Maybe he will even revolutionize the cattle raising business.
    Then again, he may not. Then again, he most likely won’t.

  4. I believe you’ll see the Crawford fake backdrop up for sale soon, if it isn’t already. It was always just a prop designed to buy him some “jes’ folks” cred with, you know, people who like to think of themselves as “jes’ folks.” A big lie, like everything else about this vapid, bullshit loser.

  5. >>I like that Obama’s reaction to being asked about shit he doesn’t care about is kind of “… the hell?”<<
    Paraphrasing the Rude Pundit, Obama has perfected the eloquent verbal bitch-slap.

  6. Can I dare to hope after the first several times he nails a reporter to the metaphorical wall for asking about dumb shit, the rest of the press will maybe get the message thatDon’t ask this guy about dumb shit; he’ll nail you to the wall?
    Incidentally, y’all should check out my blag today; big stuff is happening up here in Soviet Canuckistan. Politics hasn’t been this much fun since
    a) Pierre Trudeau was giving the finger to protestors from the window of a train (this really happened)
    b) Confederation
    c) Pierre Trudeau’s ex-wife was having Mick Jagger eat chocolate chip ice cream off her lady bits (I have no idea if this really happened, but people were flinging rumours like there was a sale on).
    You pick. 🙂

  7. Make no mistake, though, the “Journalists” will savage him for daring to have a brain and speak coherently, just as they doted on Chimpy’s every bumbling incoherency as if it were cute. The Village is sharpening its knives and there’s Democrat on the menu.

  8. Slightly off topic, but relevant to Obama’s clean break with Dubya’s stupidity:
    One thing really floored me leading up to Nov 4. We’ve gotten SO used to presidential campaigns being mudslinging contests, with occasional bouts of pandering, and we all just shake our heads and say that the skills to win a presidential campaign have no relation to what is needed to actually BE president.
    But Obama showed how it *should* be done: develop good policy ideas, explain those ideas in some detail, gather public support, create and manage a big organization, handle the funding (both gathering and sensibly spending), the schedule, craft an overall strategy and the intermediate objectives that let the overall goal be reached.
    And I look at that and say “yes, those really ARE the skills a president needs”.
    Just amazing.

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