Got any?

Mine are:

1. Stop eating like I’m still in college, because I’m not, and it’s not good for me. Or for Riot, who likes to scarf some of whatever I’m chowing on. Have meals, not just random handfuls of crackers grabbed at intervals that change daily. Have (blech) vegetables and fruit.

2. Get over my phobia/dislike/searing hatred of all medical professionals. Doctors and dentists exist for a reason. Just because every one of them I’ve ever seen has inspired homicidal rage in me does not mean I should wait until I’m in life-threatening pain before I see them. It’s childish. I need to stop it.

3. Finally do all the six billion little home improvement projects I’ve been putting off because the place is starting to fall apart around me and it freaks me out. I can’t afford a new bathroom but I can afford to patch the cracks in the plaster and fix the chipping paint in the pantry.


16 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. 1. Plant more trees, flowers, bushes, vines.
    2. Harvest more fruit.
    3. Make more wine.
    HNY A!

  2. I hide vegetables in complicated recipes; it seems to work as a trick of misdirection, if nothing more. I’ll always love fresh fruit, though — especially with garnishes: apples with peanut butter or certain cheeses, for example. I work for a natural/organic food co-op and my fianceé is with an organic certifying agency; it seems only right that my appetite should finally — finally! — veer away from double-stuff Oreos and cheesy poofs.
    Resolutions, for my part: volunteer more time with local charities and aid groups, contribute money (even small amounts) at every opportunity, and get a backyard garden going (finally).
    Happy new year!

  3. Jeebus. I’ll just use yours, A–they fit me to a T. I really need to stop treating Zingers as one of the food groups. I turned 40 last year, and it was like somebody flipped the “you now have an old person’s metabolism” switch. Instant ten pounds!
    I do at least exercise some–I loved biking to work last summer, and now I just need to figure out how to motivate myself to do something else when it’s cold outside. The trainer is okay, but I seem to have trouble getting on it regularly. Maybe the Wii we’re planning to get with Xmas money will help–we played that nonstop over our holiday at my b-i-l’s house, and damned if it wasn’t pretty good exercise, not to mention loads of fun. (I thought the bowling would suck, but the thing actually picked up the hook I always had to correct for when I was bowling for real. Spooky.)

  4. This I resolve –
    *to be more organized (and stay that way, but not too fussy)
    *to create more art (Goddess knows I have a bazillion metric tons of art supplies to create w/)
    *to make some serious strides in my cake art/maybe even get my dba or at least a part time job in a local cakery.
    *to visit New Orleans and my friends there as much as I can happily handle (hey, maybe my artistic results can be sold there?).
    *to take care of some issues that are in dire need of attention.
    *to walk more (luckily the light is returning and my evening constitutionals can become more commonplace).
    *to set old hurts free and free myself from the fear of emotional pain.

  5. Presently I hate an assorted list of “journalists” and “politicians”. This isn’t good, so I am not going to hate some of them anymore.

  6. 1) Sit and read the internet.
    2) Type a few comments on my favorite blogs.
    Okay. I think I can achieve these goals. My high school teacher always said I had low goals. My thought was, “Hey I achieved them, have you achieved your’s Mr. ‘I’ll Achieve World Peace’?”
    I had three goals in high school.
    1) Empty a Bic pen (and not by having it leak in my pocket. Keep it long enough to run out of ink from writing.) – Accomplished.
    2) Slow dance with a girl – Accomplished.
    3) Slow dance with a girl while kissing her. – Accomplished, but I didn’t put (“and not run into the folding chairs on the side of the gym while kissing since our eyes were closed.”)
    So the lower my goals the more likely I am to accomplish them.

  7. Well, I don’t do resolutions, but I urge you to learn to like fruits and vegetables. Start hanging out on food blogs, get yourself some books by Jack Bishop (he’s wonderful on vegetables, both raw and cooked, in the italian style). Take a cooking class. Find a good dentist–you really need to go every six months just to have your teeth cleaned. It also means that when you have a sudden problem, like cracked teeth, or root canals, you already have someone you can trust to advise you as you find other kinds of dental assistance. Ditto with a doctor, although its very hard to find a good one.

  8. I don’t have any resolutions. Aside from lingering body and grief issues, I’m on cruise control right now. After fifteen years of perpetual crisis, I’m really enjoying the (relative) peace and quiet.

  9. I’m sticking with the same as last year
    Less Drama, Loads more Fun.
    Oh, and if I can lose 20 lbs in the process that’s cool.

  10. 1. Be less of a slob & keep my desk clear of piles (like the two trembling at each of my elbows as I type this);
    2. Get some kind of exercise daily;
    3. Eat something other than Wheat Thins and Coke for breakfast.

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