5 thoughts on “Rahm Wants You To Say His Name

  1. Yes. Fight back. Don’t let them get away with this shit.
    Republicans want Obama to fail. Republicans want to see the economy go down the toilet, so that they will be back in power. They want to see Americans out of work, starving, homeless, because they believe that Americans in that condition are more likely to vote for them.
    Is there anything more un-American than that?

  2. The economy hasn’t exactly been great at creating jobs in the past 8 years. Now it has taken a nose-dive. People are scared of “The Great Depression” of the 30s.
    Folks remember Bush. Folks remember all the Bush toadies saying how the fundamentals of the economy are strong.
    I’m still shocked that the repubs seem so used to bullying the dems that they seem oblivious to the bad idea of taking a stand on **THIS** issue.
    Add to that, the blowhards who have been saying that they want the economy to fail under the dems. (You WANT me to be out of work ,,,,,,,

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