5 thoughts on “Conservative Masterpiece

  1. by lampooning the administration and showing the courts wrong while Bill Murray saves the day – that’s conservative?
    Gattaca – I thought Bush’s granfather was heavily involved in the genetics movement in the 30’s.
    Braveheart – an insurgency in an invaded country. Just can’t wait for the Taliban to kick our keesters? Not to mention getting booted out of Iraq?

  2. Has anyone ever made a list of the top 25 liberal movies? I mean, besides conservatives?
    Oh, that’s right – we have better things to do with our time. My bad.

  3. Wow. I’m surprised–I’d have thought Starship Troopers would have made the top 25 before The Incredibles. I mean, it’s clear these people don’t understand satire.

  4. Along BuggyQ’s comment, I’m starting to wonder why they didn’t name Dr. Strangelove and Canadian Bacon

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