Jindal versus the Pork Volcano

Gracious!Governor Bobby Jindal’s not backing away from his infamous statement that “something called volcano monitoring” is wasteful.

Jindal said Monday that he feels obligated to speak up against what he considers wasteful spending.

He countered criticism that he failed to offer alternative solutions to resolving the nation’s economic problems. He said he was right to question money for volcano monitoring despite Louisiana’s vulnerability to natural disasters.He
said the billions of dollars that Louisiana received after Hurricane
Katrina should not silence his opinions on other national spending.

a stupid place to dig in your heels. Apparently Jindal is gonna try for the “My style may be corny but my substance is strong” angle. Ok, good
luck with that. Can someone please ask Louisiana’s Whiz Kid Governor whether he
thinks “something called hurricane monitoring” is wasteful?

Since hisFaux Pas on Mardis Gras speech*, I’ve been followingJindal’spoliticalimplosionwith aghoulishfascination. This week was supposed to be his national coming out party, and he blew it. His cheesy line mocking “something called volcano monitoring” was so absurd and hypocritical, I actually think it could haunt Jindal in the long term.

*Feel free to suggest a better name for Jindal’s widely panned national address.

7 thoughts on “Jindal versus the Pork Volcano

  1. I would have no problem with Jindal, or anyone else, “question[ing] money for volcano monitoring”, if what they did was to, you know, *question* it. As in “Is this a good way thing to spend money on?”
    But that isn’t what Jindal did. Here’s what he did say:
    “While some of the projects in the bill make sense, their legislation is larded with wasteful spending. It includes $300 million to buy new cars for the government, $8 billion for high-speed rail projects, such as a “magnetic levitation” line from Las Vegas to Disneyland, and $140 million for something called “volcano monitoring.” Instead of monitoring volcanoes, what Congress should be monitoring is the eruption of spending in Washington, D.C.”
    That isn’t questioning; that is declaring it to be “wasteful”. No “question[s]” about it.

  2. He is Rob Ritchie of West Wing fame. If not worse…
    Isn’t it thus logical then to deem anything that doesn’t have an immediate and desired effect wasteful? If buy aspirin at the store because I think I might have a headache later, isn’t that wasteful? I’m not using it right away. Plus they come in these 100 count bottles. I won’t use that all right away, so isn’t THAT wasteful?
    Also, if we’re replacing Hummers with hybrids, $300 million makes sense and is smart. I get the sense that they figure Obama is out there ordering up stuff with spinning rims or something…
    Can we view Bobby’s salary, given what we’re getting, as wasteful spending?

  3. I wish my great aunt Lucy was still alive. She’d give that asshole a piece of her mind.
    Lucy, in her 60s at the time, stayed with my family and various other relatives in Texas for months after Mt. St. Helens buried her only home under 20 or 30 feet of ash and she didn’t have anywhere to go.

  4. Pork Jindal: not just shredded, but twisted to.
    For a headline in the future. Supervolcano erupts in Wyoming during Jindal visit to Yellowstone National Park. Pieces of Jindal halt construction of MagLev between Anaheim and Las Vegas.

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