What Heywood Said

Seriously. I’ve been trying to sum up these morons for three days and just screw it, I’m outsourcing:

  • “Taxation Without Representation”. We’ve seen this phrase on some
    of their signs, and indeed the second comment in the column conflates
    it with the “no birth certificate” myth. But that first one — I don’t
    think that phrase means what these fucking retards think it means. The
    original tea partiers lived under a monarchic (albeit a comparatively
    weakened post-Restoration version) system. The brave suburban culture
    warriors do not. Therewas an election. It was in all the liberal papers and everything.

    And Obama’s approval rating went up, way up, and way over theirs, after
    the speech. Whether they like it or not, a majority — an indisputable
    one, at that — of Americans are still placing fault for missteps with
    the inept, dishonest financial weasels that wrecked the economy in the
    first place. “Taxation Without Representation”, in other words, is not
    merely erroneous, it’s completely meaningless here.

  • Nobody really cares what these dumb motherfuckers think anymore, to the extent that they do. Theylost,
    and lost big. Of course, the ‘tard doxologies require them to attribute
    that loss to inordinate Black Jesus love from twink libruls and their
    media butt-lovers, but ‘taint so, fellas. People simply decided to try
    something different becausetheir guy (love how they try to walk away from him now, he’s theirs and always was) fucked the dog so royally.

    empty quackery has been repudiated. The media covered the CPAC and the
    lame tea-dumping stunts the way they occasionally cover Civil War
    re-enactors, or people who have eight-foot balls of twine in their
    garage they’ve been adding to for twenty-five years. Some things are
    simply too odd to ignore.


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