3 thoughts on “The Yoo Memos

  1. Wow. The first pdf offers a nice summary of the objectionable stuff in several of the memos, and why they’re objectionable (aside from the obvious reasons).
    And in case you weren’t sure before, you can be now: John Yoo is dangerous. He should be kept away from presidents, lawmakers, law students, and voters.

  2. Let’s add in the recently reported fact that something like 92 tapes of illegal interrogationbs were taped and the tapes subsequently destroyed(well at least they’re up to admitting 92. Wonder how much bigger the real number is).
    If you’re all for surveillance (“if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you don’t mind big brother interrogating…”) then what does the destruction of evidence – especially combined with these memos “legalizing torture” mean?
    There should be a special Pulitzer for the reporter that can attack this world’s giant ball of spaghetti and somehow unwind it for the public to understand. Everything is entwined with everything else.

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