Slum Love

Okay, Michael Steele is a joke, right? A major piece of performance art designed, like Borat, to bring out the worst in those around him so as to shine light on hideous stereotypes and thus obliterate them?

Man are we going to feel stupid when he shows up as himself at the Oscars as himself and cracks awkward jokes about Gary Busey. Right? RIGHT?

A friggin’ awesome job.

You know, when I said inthis week’s column that Steele needed to expand his repertoire of jokey little catchphrases …

He could at least have told Republicans what many of them – judging by the belligerent tone of much of the conference he was attending – still need to hear: That if they want power back, they’ll have to earn it.

Instead, he offered that verbal shrug. “My bad.” And it so pleased the faithful that U.S. Rep. Michelle Bachmann(R-Minn.) exclaimed, “Michael Steele! You be da man, you be da man.”

Knowing Steele and his fellow Republicans’ methods, I don’t think they’ll expand on this original apologia, brief and inadequate as it was. They’re more likely to simply append another pointless expression of regret onto the list.

Maybe something really eloquent this time.

Like, “party foul.”

… I didn’t think he’d actually take my advice.


3 thoughts on “Slum Love

  1. did he say “Friggin”?
    And does Jindall look like Slumdog because all them guys look alike?

  2. Steele is manna from the heaven for bloggers and Democrats alike. The GOP: the comedy gift that keeps on giving.

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