Fashion Hell


If we need to wear impossible-looking shoes I’d like them with little engines and wings and possibly coffee-making facilities.

I actually find them more attractive thanthese things, though:


I mean, have we now honestly progressed to the point where shoes and socks can no longer be picked out and put on separately? We have to purchase them as one so as to get it right, or save a step, or something? For $151.00? I don’t understand.


5 thoughts on “Fashion Hell

  1. What happens when you spill coffee (or, if you’re me, the tuna juice that always manages to blurp on my feet when I’m squeezing the can)? More than once I have seen our fat kitty hauling my sock out of the laundry to roll in the fishy goodness. Not sure I want to figure out how to launder leather shoes.
    This falls into the same category asBaconnaise – a brilliant idea when you’re drunk or high, but that looks ridiculous in the light of day.

  2. That is a creative IQ test for the fair sex. If this succeeds, and makes money for the designer, the rumors about the low IQ’s of typical women are all true. One thing sure, you will watch the shoe stores a long, long time before you see a man buy this, unless as a joke.
    By the way, you need a license to own a pair of those things. They are lethal weapons – don’t under estimate the lethality of one of those being swung around by the top of the “legging” before being used to down a 747 flying overhead.

  3. designers really need to be shot. that is retarded. and i am SOOOOOOOOOOO happy i don’t wear shoes. if i must i found some nice land’s end slippers. my feet like it that way, even if they have to traipse thru slush(feet dry faster than shoes or socks).
    a pox on fashion.

  4. Somehow the word that comes to mind when looking at the hybrid above is…SHOCKS! Rather apt, don’t you think?
    As for the heel-less monstrosities, it’s the modern-day Western version of footbinding. Tell an American woman what the Chinese did to women, and they cringe. And then go out and buy stuff like this. I just started a new women’s a cappella quartet, and we made a pact that we’d never, ever, ever wear heels.

  5. I have a good friend who says if she didn’t know my SO she’d worry about whether I was gay, ’cause I wear Wranglers, Double-H work boots (or tennis shoes), and Wrangler work shirts (when I don’t dress up, or need the Dickies shirt for the pockets). My Sunday clothes are a pair of Olathe 17″ Buckaroo boots (turquoise tops) and an ankle-length skirt (or a middy-length skirt if it’s summertime) and a white Western shirt (this is about what I’ll wear if I’m going to an interview).
    I got spoilt in the Air Force. Fatigues ROCK, ‘blues’ SUCK. “Dress-up” detail is for the little blue birdies, people.
    Hair’s long, but not like last year (I sent a 15″ ponytail to the Komen Foundation, which accepts hair to make wigs for women undergoing cancer treatment even if it does have some gray in it. Locks of Love won’t take hair with gray) when my beloved took a photo with a cell phone showing it touching the floor behind the office chair. Hadn’t cut it since 2001). Got accused one time of having a “Native American look” going on. (WTH,O? I was in Houston and had to wear Sunday clothes to the training most days. In Houston, in the summer, it’s HOT. So I wore the hair in braids.)
    Point of my rant: wear what you need to be able to do the work in front of you. NEVER a bad idea to wear clothes you can move easily in; always a bad idea to wear shoes that hurt.

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