People. Do Not Screw With College Kids.

They will OWN YOU:

The students held a sign reading “Figs Doom Nations” and
planted themselves across the street from the WBC, drawing from a
Biblical passage in which Jesus disparages a fig tree. “If you need
scanty biblical evidence for anything, we’ve got it,” said fourth-year
Carmel Levy as he handed out flyers containing biblical citations that
read: “Jesus rebuked the fig as an evil abomination” and “God Promises
Terrible Vengeance Upon Any Fig-Loving Nation.”

“We just wanted the world to know that God’s vengeance doesn’t
just fall on the gay, but also on the fruit,” said fourth-year Max

On the eastern side of the quad, students who had been waiting
for the group waved signs mocking the WBC’s trademark “God Hates Fags”
poster. The signs bore slogans such as “God <3’s internet porn,”
“God hates the new Facebook,” and “God hates dial-up.”

Across the street, the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity brothers
lined their porch in bathrobes, awaiting the arrival of the protesters.
When they appeared, the brothers stripped off their robes and began
dancing to Diana Ross & The Supremes’ “I’m Coming Out,” Elton
John’s “Tiny Dancer,” and the Weather Girls’ “It’s Raining Men.” The
“Tiny Dancer” lyrics “Jesus freaks/out in the streets” elicited a loud
cheer from the crowd on the other side of the street.

In general, the atmosphere was festive. Students laughed, joked, took pictures, and danced to Alpha Delt’s music.

“When we got down to the Seminary Co-Op and Alpha Delt was dancing around in their underwear, me and Rabbi Ruthie [Gelfarb] and this priest started dancing and we got like 30 people to come over and dance in front,” said third-year Iah Pillsbury. “It was like a celebration. It was really cool to see so many
people come out in support of diversity and doing whatever we want and
gay people…and religious freedom.”

Chicagoist has pictures:



5 thoughts on “People. Do Not Screw With College Kids.

  1. Put that together with the article about the coming implosion of the evangelical movement, and I’m beginning to think the apocalypse may wait.
    Never thought I’d type this, but I<3 Alpha Delta Phi.
    p.s. I just love the idea of a Rabbi Ruthie. I'd love to meet her.

  2. Hey Shirley Phelps-Roper:
    Flippin’ off YOUR God is what they were about, beyotch.
    I’m with ’em 100%.
    YOUR God is all about hate.
    My God (aka FSM / Ceiling cat and all the gods) is about L.O.V.E.
    Can you feel it?

  3. I never did understand why Jesus killed that fig tree. It was out of season, why did he expect fruit? I’ve taught my Sunday School that this is the “Jesus had a bad day” miracle. Really. So happy it was used in the counter-dem.

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