We don’t need to keep everything, okay?

She first saw her father’s historic war memento about 10 years ago,
then not again until April 19 when a Cook County bomb squad took the
land mine after officers determined the bomb was live and confiscated

“I don’t think it would have gone off, unless of course a vehicle
had driven on it,” Welch said, adding that her father never physically
handled the land mine as if it was dangerous.

Her sister even snapped a photo of the bomb before police evacuated the home, as well as a few neighboring homes.

Welch and her family were cleaning out the basement of her parents’
home in the 7700 block of Bristol Park Drive when they found the land
mine on a work bench. DiCarlo died almost five years ago. Welch’s
mother and DiCarlo’s wife, Mary, died earlier this month.

To be safe, Welch’s family called Tinley Park police. Then the bomb squad arrived.

An Army military officer during the war, DiCarlo likely confiscated
the land mine from a prisoner, Welch said. The bomb traveled from
Texas, where DiCarlo was stationed in the early 1940s, to the many
homes Carmen and Mary DiCarlo shared in the Southland. After Texas,
they moved to Chicago, then to Harvey, to Chicago Ridge and finally to
Tinley Park, where the DiCarlos lived since 1997.

Welch was somewhat surprised to find the land mine, but she said her father was a pack rat.

Obviously a very good one.



5 thoughts on “Guys?

  1. When I was taking Poli Sci, we had a presentation day for our papers and she wanted something in addition to the papers…
    I did a report on architecture and the progress of our nation (with renderings of key landmarks). Another guy did a report on the Vietnam War…and proceeded to pass around a ‘souvenir’ his dad brought back…a hand grenade!!!
    Granted, this class was like in 1988 or so – but it gave us a bit of an uncomfortable jolt to have him pass it around.
    We couldn’t leave class fast enough when it was over!!!

  2. A guy in our neighborhood back home died and when they cleaned out his house, they found a mason jar full of nitroglycerin. It was just sitting there on a creaky wooden shelf. The bomb squad evacuated the neighborhood and took care of it.
    I’m always amazed at what people keep in the basement…

  3. i got an old wooden thing at an estate sale. odd. never seenanyhthing like it. turned it over and mercury fell out. shit. that crap is had to collect when it’s tiny bubbles and repelled by paper. anybody need any mercury?
    no bobms in my life, tho did find a dummy grenade under the tree in front of the house.

  4. Reminds me of the student I had early on who wanted to bring in a hand grenade his grandfather had brought home from World War II. Thank god he asked me first. Don’t know if it was real, or live, but I really, really didn’t need to find out firsthand, mmmkay?

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