No wonder Bush seemed nuts.This was the shit he was seeing from the Secretary of Defense.This is why he seemed so out of it; there was CNN, which was the liberal media and not to be trusted, and then there was Rummy getting cute with MS Paint, which we all know was so much more truthy.

You know, I was creeped the fuck out pretty much every day for the last eight years, but the stuff we’re gonna be hearing about for the rest of our lives seems on track to top it.


10 thoughts on “Batshittery

  1. missy says:

    Margaret Atwood is a fucking psychic.
    Welcome to Gilead. You’re soaking in it.

  2. hoppy says:

    You just have to realize now that America was on the edge of going off the deep end last year. Another year of that insanity could have made things so bad nothing could have corrected it.
    I remember very well that I realized that little George was batshit crazy even back in 2000. That’s why I have been so depressed to think that almost a majority of our voters could vote for him. It doesn’t give me a warm feeling about the future, when the Repubs will dig up another head case for a candidate – think Palin, for example.

  3. Aitch says:

    MS Paint doesn’t kill people.
    People kill people.

  4. Jim Pharo says:

    I’m skeptical that these are real. I know it’s hard to over-estimate the overall bat-shittiness of these people, but these are suspicious to me. Maybe I’m hoping that the Sec Def has access to better graphics or something…

  5. The Other Sarah says:

    Actually, it’s the banality of the imagery I find most convincing re: its authenticity.

  6. whetstone says:

    You should read Hilzoy’s posts on the GQ article. As she points out, not only did Rumsfeld encourage Bush’s worst instincts (a Crusade, basically), he interfered with his better (and I use that word guardedly) ones.
    Hard to imagine that Bush could be made worse than he was, or that Rumsfeld could have been worse than we thought, or that I could be surprised. But there you have it.
    To paraphrase John Oliver: how bad do you think the torture story actually is? Wrong. Double it. Still wrong.
    That’s my best prediction right now.

  7. pansypoo says:

    shirley they were godly men.

  8. Doc says:

    It reminds me of the calendar I got at my barbershop… Good grief.

  9. MapleStreet says:

    Please tell me this is a joke !
    I grew up in an independent fundie church, and even they wouldn’t have used scripture in such a patently offensive manner.
    Nothing says love like an AK-47!

  10. Interrobang says:

    I’ve had this theory for years that the political left has all the good graphic designers. So far, I’d say that article is a really good piece of evidence in support of it.
    Also, what does it say about the current media landscape that we had to learn about this shit from fuckingGQ? I mean, really.

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