So Shall Ye Reap


This is what a generation of catering to the absolute lowest common denominator comes to — a far right conservative likeLindsey Graham is dismissed as insufficiently zealous by an ignorant, superstitious, petty, vicious, and pea-brained crowd of constituents.

I’m a little surprised they didn’t call him a witch and and take to “traditional” justice to settle the question.

But it’s not like I’ve got any tears for Graham, et al. They made their deal with the devil…who’s now coming to collect.

10 thoughts on “So Shall Ye Reap

  1. Learn yer Bible, son.
    St. Paul’s letter to the Galatians, Chapter 6, verse 7.
    Be not deceived; God is not mocked: For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
    I like that the Rev. Andy Cramed quoted said passage right after he shanked Cy Tolliver in the gut.
    That one was actually written by St. Paul, too, unlike many of the other “Pauline” letters.

  2. Right on.
    Plus saying Graham isn’t conservative? I come from SC. Graham is quite conservative. I’ll be the first person to criticise Graham for a number of reasons, but a lack of conservative genes is NOT one of them.
    And he isn’t conservative based on a single, isolated vote? Come on.
    But above all, I love that they aren’t just criticising him in statements, but have taken on the aura of a shouting match/ unruly mob.

  3. So, will this be an epiphany or a come-to-Jesus moment for Huckleberry?
    Will he think, “ohmigod, it’s now out of control and we’ve got to do something–as a party–to delegitimize these crazy sonsabitches,” or, “my job depends upon embracing these people.”

  4. Lindsey Graham is exactly what is wrong with this country. The fact that his own rabid followers hate his guts is just fine with me. This is the worm who pushed thru deregulation of the ‘financial’ industry. WALLSTREETBANKSTERS own him. Nothing is as loathsome as the rigid right, and it has brought the USofBLOODYISRAEL to it’s knees.

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