Using Tools

Brian Williams, he who hates cats flushing toilets and thinks Jay Leno is awesome, does not get it:

You’re an avid blogger, but you’re not on Twitter. Why not?

details of my own life bore me, so I cannot imagine anyone expressing
interest in them. My blog has so far proved to be enough of an outlet
for me.

There’s no rule saying the Internet has to be inane, Brian. You could use Twitter for any number of things. Just because Ashton Kutcher uses it to talk about what he had for lunch doesn’t make that, you know, mandatory.


8 thoughts on “Using Tools

  1. I use twitter to link to the articles I read that I think people should read.
    I use a widget to shorten the url and bring up a window that has the article title (depending on the blog) and then write a description. It’s an interesting discipline to reduce it to 140 characters, like headline writing.

  2. True dat, donna, but the key word here is “tool.” The value of a tool is not in the tool itself, it’s in what you do with it. Brian doesn’t have to use Twitter, but neither does he have to assume whatever anybody puts on Twitter is inane.

  3. Twitter is gonna prove to be the 23-channel CB radio of the 2000s. Just wait.

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