A Paultard Christmas

It’s been a bit quiet on the hostiliday front but the warfare usually intensifies on the weekend. The most nauseating video I’ve seen thus far was posted atMinor Wisdom and features two creepy women “singing”Go Tell It On The Mountain.

My latest contribution is a real teabagger of a tune from Christmas 2007 from a Pautard with a raspy voice and a passion for freedom, Ron Paul style:

4 thoughts on “A Paultard Christmas

  1. It’s still getting to the point where I’d trust something out of Ron Paul’s mouth before I’ll ever trust it out of Max Baucus, Ben Nelson, Harry Reid, Rahm Emmanuel, half of the Democratic congressional caucus, almost everyone who works for the DNC and most of the so-called ‘progressive’ pundits and bloggers.
    At least Ron Paul noticed something is rotten in America. He noticed it when Bush was President, and he notices it when OBama is President. Half the Democrats decided everything became hunky-dory the day Obama got elected.

  2. Thanks for the shout out. As for your entry — I’m glad the video is bad and the camera doesn’t pan down. It looks and sounds like he’s attempting to sing while flogging his yule log.

  3. Um, “a passion for freedom” is a bad thing? How so?
    I love Ron Paul. He pisses off both donkeys and elephants by thinking for himself.
    And even though I’m an atheist… Merry Christmas 🙂

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