War on Christmas: Nuclear Cake Option

I’m conducting my own war on Christmas via the Bon Appetit Christmas issue, or holiday issue, or as Mr. A likes to call it, “the dare.” I take the most effed-up looking thing with the most complicated recipe and longest list of ingredients, and I try to make that bitch in my tiny home kitchen with my hand mixer that sounds like a lawn mower and my oven that’s always off by 20 degrees or so and still smells like that one time I set a yam on fire. This afternoon it was theChocolate Peppermint Meringue Cake, which in the magazine looks like this:


My version is somewhat flatter, and simpler, since I didn’t want to put fresh raspberries on there only to have them spoil if we didn’t eat the whole cake TONIGHT, plus I had this leftover meringue and more frosting than I knew what to do with:


It was a monumental pain, but it tastes good. And this was just a dry run: I can make a prettier version now that I know exactly how much time it takes (about three hours prep, about five hours including baking time) and how tasty the result will be.


10 thoughts on “War on Christmas: Nuclear Cake Option

  1. You could take leftover merigue, add a cup of Guinness , whip it together, put it in a graham cracker shell, and make beer pie. Mmm…beer.
    Also, mmm…chocolate peppermint meringue [drools] cake.

  2. “Nuclear cake?”
    Well, I guess so… after all, Sakharov’s first bomb design was something he called “the layer cake.” 🙂
    But, frankly, I prefer cheesecakes. They have a much greater neutron density.

  3. We have a shadow government in the US. It sells hamburgers, turkey, insurance, credit cards, whiskey, etc. We can do something about this at http://democratz.org
    Unless you do something about this shadow government, you will continue to have to sit on the sidelines and complain about the nasty things that they do to Americans.

  4. pfft. i do cheesecake. period. flavors is the fun part. i remember i did a gingerbread one with lemon pie filling for the top. mmmm.

  5. bravo! Although I, myself, pretty much detest meringue cakes. There is a killer one in one of the silver palate cookbooks that is all mocha and meringue, less sweet than the one you made, I think, and very good.

  6. i am with aimai. i don’t even like the meringue on lemon pie’s. never had in cake.
    my ex boss put a whipping blade in her husband electric drill.

  7. Your cake looks beautiful. It looks like much better eating than the magazine photo version.

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