Malaka Of The Week: A Faithless Saints Fan

New Orleans Saints fans are a rabid bunch and some of them aren’t too bright.Wayne Spring of Albany, La not only bet *against*the Saints but he made the mistake of posting about it on Facebook. The bet? He told his Facebook friends that if the Saints beat the Redskins, they could come over and shoot up his 60 inch BAT (big ass teevee.) Mercifully, the guy lives in rural Louisiana so the well armed and lubricated Facebookers didn’t hurt anyone.

This is malakatude, pure and simple, y’all:

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8 thoughts on “Malaka Of The Week: A Faithless Saints Fan

  1. OK, they’re in Albany…but still, I’m guessing there are plenty of similar folks all around the Gret Stet, with guns, beer, and large trucks…and that’s why I try to limit my own in-state travelling as much as possible.

  2. Drunk driving/open container conviction? $3000.
    Cochlear implants after firing weapons without hearing protection? $10,000.
    New plasma TV? $750
    Unbridled, stupidity-inducing joy at seeing something good finally happen to a Great American City? Priceless.
    Who Dat, indeed.

  3. Stupid Americans. When they shoot up the Plasma TV, they are going to release a small amount of toxic chemicals into the environment (look up all the nasty chemicals in a Plasma TV on the net) But a bet’s a bet, right?

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