There’s a couple of things going onhere.

One is
that Rena’s absolutely right about what we call this. Stalking, abuse,
harrassment, vandalism are crimes, and they’re not “bullying.” Because
it happens to kids doesn’t mean it’s not the same thing. Enough with
the bullshit.

I think there’s a tendency to rationalize what happens to you as
necessary to build your character, and while I understand that from a
psychological perspective, I think it leads us too often to minimize it
when it happens to others. Oh, yeah, getting yelled lewd things at in
the hallways made me stronger! I dunno, maybe it did, or maybe it just
sucked a lot and then I learned not to think about it. Regardless, how
I have learned to tell others about it in order to make me the hero
does not allow me to let it happen to somebody else on the off chance
they’ll adopt the same stance to keep from killing themselves.


5 thoughts on “Bullying

  1. This is always my point to the folks I know who complain that police are being brought in to break up fights in my local high school. “We can’t arrest those kids! It’s just a fight!”
    Yeah, well, last I checked, getting into a fistfight with co-workers usually lands you in the hoosegow. It’s what’s known as “assault and battery.” The fact that the perpetrator is 16 and not 23 should only make a difference with regard to whether they’re in the juvenile system or the criminal system.

  2. Nah, getting bullied just sucked a lot. Shutting it out was basically the only option. Lie low, get through the day, get home.

  3. And folks wonder why I have no desire to contribute towards my high school reunion.

  4. I endured this type of “bullying” from my 5th grade through the 6th grade. My teacher, at that time, just joined with those doing the “bullying”. As a result I stayed home from school for a week, until I found a way to survive. That was to become a total loner – no social contact with any other person other than my family. It worked, but changing back took many years, and was never completely done.
    Starting with my 7th grade I had a growth spurt, becoming bigger than my “peers”. Instead of becoming the “bully” I chose to become the protector of others who were “bullied” and continued that through high school. I was even thanked by one teacher after I decked one constant “bully”.
    I have never understood why people “bully” others. And, I don’t really want to. I want to see them stopped, whatever that involves, up to and including a vicious beating.

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