4 thoughts on “Can a Couple of You Go to Wellpoint’s Offices Dressed as a Pimp & Ho?

  1. What aggravates me, beyond the blatant moral perspective, is that the algorithm seems to have founds mostly minor procedural / paperwork infractions.
    This isn’t the case of someone who has had breast cancer 20 times signing up and suppressing information on the previous breast cancer.
    These were folks who were trying to play by the rules and getting caught in the highly difficult and technical insurance web – which is so difficult that it is almost guaranteed to result in any individual having some paperwork problem.

  2. Yeah… same old song and dance. The modern US health care system makes me sick to the bottom of the gaping void of a pit in my stomach. Most of us can only get the medical goodies if we can somehow prove our ongoing worth to a corporate entity who subsidizes the premiums. So fucking depressing.

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