3 thoughts on “Latest Wingnut Crazy-Causing Factor

  1. Hey, before we start jumping on them Moos-limbs, I want to know what they have planned for the site.
    (I believe it was) an order of Nuns wanted to build a center of prayer at one of the notorious Concentration camps. The outrage at that did a great job of showcasing some stark differences in outlook (even though from their own perspectives, both the plan and the outrage seemed very reasonable and coherrent.)
    So is this a house of prayer and atonement or is it a radical Shiite training center?
    Of course, the MSM can’t handle a discussion of such subtelty. I give it less than 5 seconds before it is announced that this building is a Taliban training center where the Times Square bomber got his training (even though it hasn’t been built yet).

  2. The 9/11 memorial site drama reminds me of the African Burial Ground saga. A remarkable lesson in American history and psyche.

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