‘You’re All I’ve Got, Pepper’

Wait, Iron Man wasn’t depressing?

And because of this, he suggest that “Superman Returns” was somehowbetter
than the infinitely superior “Iron Man”, because it had a mean streak
and a bunch of sad stuff in it, whereas “Iron Man” was all charm and
entertainment. Being thoroughly entertaining is almost a drawback,
really, because then a movie goes into the dreaded “time waster”
category. You’re not educated by it, or enlightened to the darkness of
the world. But I have to ask, why is goofy joy not considered a
respectable emotion for a movie to invoke?

Okay, watching Robert Downey Jr. be awesome was wicked fun, but … I mean, is this my crush talking, in that every other sentence out of Tony Stark’s mouth was basically, “oh God, I’m drowning?” He’s haunted, he’s hollow, he’s a complete fucking mess. A neverending river of booze and bimbos is not an automatic sign you are well-adjusted, fer chrissakes, no matter how many quips you come up with. He has no friends but Pepper and Rhodes and that robotic puppy giraffe thing and Jarvis, and yes, there’s kicky music while he builds a robot suit and funny pratfalls while he flies around, but I spent basically two hours wanting to hug him and tell him it was going to be okay.

(The sequel? Meh. Eight movies jammed into one, too much of Scarlet Johanssen’s ass, not enough Rhodes. I love Rhodes. I always love the partners/sidekicks/friends the best. Still stayed up till 12:01 a.m. Friday to catch it, still worth it, but it didn’t give me the good-movie giddiness the original did.)

This is the second time this weekend I’ve begun to wonder what on earth I’m watching that other people aren’t, afterthis clusterfuck of a review of “Treme” which I took apart here. Mr. A will tell you all I can find the subtext in anything but I really am starting to wonder if maybe I’ve totally cracked up and should be shielded from pop culture for my own good.



8 thoughts on “‘You’re All I’ve Got, Pepper’

  1. So the Marquis de Sade is a comic book superhero?
    Seriously though, the argument about graphic novel content has been going for years. Adult or child. Pure escapism versus psychoanalysis. etc.

  2. I just superhero jonesed re-watching the nine episodes of the live-action version of “The Tick” (starring Patrick Warburton). Funny, funny shit.

  3. ((hug)) There, there, A. Everything’s gonna be OK. Please, enjoy the pop culture. We like it when you give us your thoughts.

  4. Strangely enough given my tastes, I’m not much for comic book movies, and I even read them(and still have a bunch).

  5. too much of Scarlet Johanssen’s ass
    That’s one bad review the studio should put on the poster if they want to sell tickets.

  6. Just saw Superman Returns the other night on AMC, and now that it’s not “new” any more I have to say … I wish they’d used Brandon Routh to be Brandon Routh more, and to be a living homage to Christopher Reeve less.
    Superman Returns didn’t just have a mean streak, it was out to destroy the romance for Lois/ Clark / Superman.
    I get that they were sort of trying to undo the Dean Cain series and Smallville, but WTF?
    Brandon Routh is a gorgeous young man.
    The decisions the production team made to sepia-tone the emblems on the suit and faux-retro the Daily Planet sets, and then turn the story into … a Kevin Spacey showcase … succeeded at the unadmitted purpose: they killed Superman.

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