ABC Staffers Offer to Fly Quran-Burning Freakjob To New York


“It appears, based on what [Jones] just told us, that ABC’s ‘Good
Morning America’ has arranged to fly him to New York,” reporter Kerry
Sanders said onMSNBC. “And he will be flying with a team of producers and camera crews fromABC
News to New York, where he tells us, he believes, he has a meeting with
Imam Rauf, who is heading up that controversial mosque and cultural
center in Lower Manhattan, near ground zero.”

But ABC says that’s not happening. Its spokesman Jeffrey Schneider toldTheUpshot
that an offer was made to Jones by ABC staffers in Gainesville, Fla.,
but “the idea was killed immediately” by executives in New York.

Well, thank God those executives killed that idea. One wouldn’t want to ever, ever give the impression the press is part of the story, or has an unholy fascination with utterly trivial acts of pre-defined controversial-ness in several areas where the story can be easily defined and framed for the idiots at home. One wouldn’t want to do that, so let’s not talk any more about it. Let’s certainly not discuss why staffers for a major network thought it was totally okay to do this in the first place.

Via Romenesko.


2 thoughts on “ABC Staffers Offer to Fly Quran-Burning Freakjob To New York

  1. But, apparently, some preacher in Houston spotted him the money for a plane ticket, so, apparently, he’s on his way to NYC to be close to the network cameras.
    This guy’s just another grifter who was running con games on gullible religious patsies when Scary Sarah was still trying to figure out how the hell she was ever going to graduate from high school.
    If anyone decides to check on him in thirty days, they will have discovered that he’s disappeared, and so has the church’s money.

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