Good Feeling To Know

Since Virgo Tex posted about the one-offBuffalo Springfield reunion this morning, I’ve had a powerful hankering to hear this fine tune written by Richie Furay for Poco. It’s a live version that looks kinda crappy but sounds pretty damn good. Get ready for oodles of closeups of Timothy B. Schmit who was considered the cute member of Poco back in the day.

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Here’s a two-part trivia question for y’all. First the hard one, what was the name of Schmit’s pre-Poco band? Second, what musician did Tim B replace in two, count ’em two bands?

6 thoughts on “Good Feeling To Know

  1. Dammit. I’m too late in seeing this.
    Big Buffalo Springfield fan here. Poco too. Was listening to “Rose of Cimarron” just yesterday.

  2. Timothy B Schmit was and IS the hottest member of every band he’s ever played with, up to and including the Eagles.

  3. Jorja, I have a friend who’s a dead ringer for Tim B. He didn’t have a clue until I showed a picture on the interweb. I told him he should show up on Tim B’s doorstep and claim to be his long lost brother. He decided that was too True Blood for his taste…

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