And The Winner Is…


Well, congratulations are in order all around on this one, history repeating as tragedy, then as farce, then asbride ofFrankenstein…so, first, let’s give credit–or blame–where it’s due, starting with the entire Republiclown establishment. In deflecting blame from blowing up the economy — and a fair bit of Iraq and Afghanistan — on Dick and Junior’s watch, they opted for a none-too-subtle extended hate fest of “Who’s Your Daddy Kenyan Usurper” over the last couple of years, assisted by their loyal media corpse, um, corps, who just can’t quit Newtie, Johnny McCain…and Sister Sarah (who, it should be noted, never passes up an opportunity to call them chumps.)

In addition, you’ve got an entire generation of Repugs — and neo-librul Dems — who’ve played along with the utterly puerile notion that progressive government is perpetually incompetent or hopelessly naive, and that all corporate endeavor is inherently godlike (or, at least, you know, caucasian) and efficient…which is completely untrue, and both sides know it, but in playing the game for public consumption, they’ve managed to create a generation of people so hopelessly ignorant as to the functions of government, that they’ll actually vote for the Frankenstein Monster tea party types…who are sooo whacked, even Karl Rove is afraid…


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  1. pansypoo says:

    welcome to the outhouse Fux gnews built.

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