RT5 Treme panel videos up

At long last, the videos from theRising TideTreme panel have been put up. Many thanks to Crystal atSophielab for these and the rest of the RT video.

Part One:

p>PartsTwo andThree.

I encourage you to watch the discussion, particularly if you are a fan of the show. At the time, Maitri and I both felt the panel was a bit on the low key side of the spectrum but on rewatching, I am impressed at how much ground got covered.

Probably the best soundbite from the panel comes from Davis, re ifThe Wire isWar and Peace, thenTreme isAnna Karenina.

As with the dialogue atBack of Town, the panel discussion and audience questions highlighted tension between the expectations and analyses ofTreme as a work of creative fiction andTreme as definitive exegesis of post-K life in the city. For me, this continues to be the most interesting as well as most frustrating aspect ofTreme. I was impressed seeing how gracefully Overmeyer in particular handles being told (and surely this happens all the time) what needs be included in his production.