Weekend Question Thread

Are you allergic to anything?

I have no food allergies, but right now either something’s blooming or shedding or pollinating like crazy because I’ve been sneezing like crazy for about a week. It’s most likely something I can’t avoid, like “grass” or “dust,” so I’m taking OTC drugs and hoping for a hard frost to kill whatever it is off.


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  1. I developed Oral Allergy Syndrome last year and as a result I can’t eat many uncooked vegetables and most uncooked fruits.
    You have no idea how much this sucks.
    Also, I have to carry epinephrine injectors around. Fun!

  2. Tumbleweed (pollen) and Fresh Start Detergent (no longer made)… Thankfully, down here on the Gulf Coast – tumbleweeds are typically of the cat-fuzz variety in my home. And since the detergent has been nixxed for a couple of decades…!

  3. The most recent addition is chocolate, triggered by a drug that smacks down exercise-induced asthma. I’d rather breathe than eat chocolate, mostly.
    Anybody else doing the adding-on of allergies?

  4. I’m seriously allergic to oak pollen and some types of grasses. It gets me out of yard work. I celebrated the day Xyrtec became available in OTC generic form.

  5. Am allergic to some rye grasses, but other than that, not much…not even poison ivy, which at times I’ve been pretty heavily exposed to. My dad, who had lots of allergies, didn’t react to poison ivy either.

  6. Some of us are born lucky! I’m only allergic to the substances used to treat hemophilia, which I have a mild form of.

  7. I have a sensitivity to corn. HFCS. Which is in everything! Luckily that is changing.
    One thing that people don’t get is that when you eat the same food over and over you can develop a sensitivity to it. Corn makes my joints ache. It wasn’t until I read a book about various foods that can make you sick did I figure this out. I did a corn elimination diet to test and sure enough, the pain went away.

  8. Poison ivy. It’s not so much the direct allergy, as it puts my entire body on allergy red alert, and I am temporarily sorta-allergic to all sorts of stuff (like, say, any elastic in any clothing that binds tight). And before I can figure out the problem substances, it’s over. Except, I figured out that most sunscreens were bad, because I broke out in hives at the beach.
    Solution for me is just to take 24-hour antihistamines for 3-4 weeks, and take lots of showers to keep my skin clean.

  9. Nothing seriously. Sulfites in red wine make my cheeks flush. Certain herbs like goldenseal make me break out in itchy bumps.
    But I have a cat who is literally allergic to EVERYTHING and we had to put pants on him to keep himfrom chewing his belly bloody. Took him to a veterinary dermatologist and it turns out there is literally no time during the year that something isn’t blooming that he’s allergic to. That and of course fleas. So, for a couple years now we’ve been giving him shots twice a week. Has helped a little but not much, poor guy.

  10. oh, it cured me and may help some of you pollen/plant sufferers, i eat ONLY LOCAL wildflower honey. i no longer have itchy eyes/runny nose/ear aches/sore throat.
    my cousin cured his and his pre diabetes by switching to a cave man diet. no bread, potatoes, corn. or whatever spikes his blood sugar. but then he has to eat a lot of meat. no dessert.

  11. I have been reading of the cave man diet over at Gawker. They’ve been having fun with it this weekend. I think it’s hilarious. I think you have to accompany your cave man diet with the cave man exercise program and cave man fasting regime to get the full benefits.
    Sorry, all due respect to your cousin but that cave man diet thing just sounds retarded.

  12. I have allergies to dust, dust mites, and very faintly to cats and dogs (am getting desensitization shots to the mites, dogs & cats.) I developed these allergies AFTER age 30. My allergies have changed over the years -less respiratory and now more skin sensitivities.
    I also have developed an unfortunate reaction to mostly heavy red wines and somethings in various beers. I get very itchy, face red, and sometimes wheezy…I take benadryl right away…it is most unfortunate as I used to love red wine (can drink some like Chianti, but not merlot or cab)…and it happens with or without sulfites -I’ve tested it -also have same reaction to Abita strawberry harvest beer (and I am not allergic to strawberries!) I guess I should just go straight to the vodka! 😉

  13. I’m seriously allergic to milk protein (plus lactose intolerant, lucky me). I’m also allergic to mould, and possibly some other things. (I don’t really know, because mould iseverywhere.)
    I also have a contact allergy to dog saliva and certain animal coat oils (dog, lanolin).
    What’s worse is that most OTC antihistamines are bound with lactose, and a significant number of them give meweird side effects (drug-induced paranoia, tremor, irregular heartbeat). I’m dreading when my current nostrum stops working on me.

  14. A couple of years ago I found out in a most unpleasant manner that I had developed an allergy to pine nuts. I had been growing basil and making my own pesto for years without a problem, then one day I made a batch and became violently ill. Discovered that chewing the smallest piece of a pine nut caused my tongue to swell and burn. Also discovered that all the pine nuts that I could find, even in the local natural foods store, are now imported from China. Still haven’t found a local source for domestic pine nuts to see if it makes a difference. I now make pesto with walnuts or almonds.

  15. Iodine.
    Sucks when povidone’s the only antiseptic the blood bank authorizes, but there it is.
    Also, stinging insect stings.
    Shellfish, and some kinds of red-fleshed fruit & melons. I think that’s the iodine content, actually, that gives ’em their color.

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