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First up –Drunk or stoopid?? You make the call!

Rick Perry’s ‘truly bizarre’ speech: Was he drunk? ^ | October 31, 2011 | TheWeek

Posted on Tuesday, November 01, 2011 4:56:27 AM byiowamark

Texas Gov. Rick Perry raised some eyebrows — and questions about his sobriety — with anunusually expressive speech to a conservative group in Manchester, N.H., on Friday. In the speech, Perry ditched his typically reserved style and instead employed “the sort of tics, facial contortions, mimes, and muggings that one would expect from a comic performer,”says Thomas Lane atTalking Points Memo. The media scuttlebutt is largely based on an anonymously posted YouTube compilation of “highlights” from the speech (watch the clip below), but even some in attendance were perplexed. “It was different,” Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas said. AnotherGOP operative said it reminded him of Democrat Howard Dean’s race-ending “scream” in 2004. Perry’s campaign’s response? The speech simply proves that Perry is “passionate about the issues he talks about.”

The reaction: Perry’s performance was “truly bizarre,”says Libby Spencer atThe Impolitic. “He comes off as pretty well drunk. Or drugged.” Yes, and though it’s not a crime to be “pretty publicly lit,” it’s almost certainly bad politics for a presidential hopeful, says Andrew Sullivan atThe Daily Beast. Well, I doubt he’s drunk, says Josh Feldman atMediaite. But his exuberance is “fun to watch.” I bet “Alec Baldwin will appreciate the material for his next Perry impersonation. Look, “we’re not saying that he’sdefinitely drunk,”says Max Read atGawker, “we’re just saying, watch the whole thing” and judge for yourself. Have a look:

1 posted on Tuesday, November 01, 2011 4:56:31 AM byiowamark
We have the Freepers who are still smarting from Dubya:

To: iowamark
Perry is a drunk, happens to a lot of boys living with alpha females. Poor thing.
2 posted on Tuesday, November 01, 2011 5:02:33 AM byorg.whodat (Just another heartless American, hated by Perry and his fellow demorats.)
And the ones who are just flat-assed in denial (who are ya gonna believe, the MSM, or your lying eyes?)

To: iowamark

That is the Obama media being cited there, the all lib&homo media there, so f’m.

3 posted on Tuesday, November 01, 2011 5:05:22 AM bydennisw (What good is a used up world and how could it be worth having – – Sting)
The realists:

To: iowamark
The audience provided the uncomfortable, sympathetic laugh track. It was only missing circus music.

After watching that, you could onlyhope he was drunk. If that’s how he expresses “passion” for issues, as his campaign would have you believe, imagine the potential SOTU addresses.

BTW, it’s probably not a good idea to invoke The Alamo and “victory or death” in a campaign. How’d that work out for those at The Alamo?

5 posted on Tuesday, November 01, 2011 5:07:18 AM byedpc (My silence IS an answer)
To: iowamark

He definitely looks drunk. His behavior and speech has been radically modified.

8 posted on Tuesday, November 01, 2011 5:14:36 AM byDo Not Make Fun Of His Ears (Bush called us “vigilantes.” Perry calls us “heartless.”)
To: iowamark

It looks like an SNL skit. Presidential? I think not!

18 posted on Tuesday, November 01, 2011 6:02:25 AM bymmanager
And the idealists:

To: org.whodat

If you had a speck of decency, you’d be ashamed of your reprehensible comments on Perry threads. Since you don’t and aren’t, we’re left to conclude that your unconscionable vitriol is not simply the result of heated political rhetoric during primary season but is rather part of your character.

11 posted on Tuesday, November 01, 2011 5:26:29 AM byBuckeyeTexan (Man is not free unless government is limited. ~Ronald Reagan)
To: iowamark

No, he’s not drunk, he’s clowning around, maybe trying a little too hard to be amusing. No, this non-story will not hurt him in any way. Yes, you Perry haters and Cainiacs are way off base and trying to make something out of nothing and doing your candidate no favors.

29 posted on Tuesday, November 01, 2011 6:38:24 AM bySudetenland (There can be no freedom without God–What man gives, man can take away.)
Of course, being Freeperville, there’s always some bugfuck-crazy genocidal twatwaffles:

To: edpc
In the end it led to the defeat of mexico and the creation of the Republic of Texas… the guys in the Alamo lost the battle… but caused the following VICTORY in the war with mexico... I only wished we had exterminated mexico after defeating them.


28 posted on Tuesday, November 01, 2011 6:31:18 AM byLibLieSlayer (“Americans are hungry to feel once again a sense of mission and greatness.” Ronaldo Magnus)
But, by and large, the Freeperati were not amused,

To: indylindy
I didn’t think he was drunk either…but then I thought if he would have been drunk, he at least might have an excuse. LOL

I don’t believe he was drunk either. But if this is how he conducts himself when he is supposedly relaxed then heaven help us all should he ever be confronted with real life problems as a President, like a nuclear crazed despot from say, Pakistan and Iran talking about nuking Israel or even the US! His line then might be something like ‘can’t we all just get along’ (and giggling all the while saying it).

46 posted on Tuesday, November 01, 2011 8:39:58 AM byRon H. (Conservatives have the Tea Party. The Liberals have the Pee Party.)
To: iowamark
Looked like a Howard Dean moment to me.

We have too many little league candidates playing in a big leauge ball park. Sad.

16 posted on Tuesday, November 01, 2011 5:51:16 AM byrodguy911 (FreeRepublic:Land of the Free because of the Brave–Sarah Palin 2012)

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