Cheap bastards

Not only are the secret service dudes involved in the Coulmbian prostitution scandal stupid but they’re cheapskates:

The controversy arose after one of the women went back to a hotel room with two agents. The woman wanted to be paid for serving both agents, the source who has been briefed on the probe told NBC News. Instead, the agents would only agree to split her price, prompting the woman to complain to local police who were stationed in the lobby of the Hotel Caribe, the source said.

So, they wanted a two-fer. I don’t know much about hookers but I know that they don’t offer coupons or advertise with Groupon not even for groupon sex…

3 thoughts on “Cheap bastards

  1. And yet again the value of a clear contractual relationship is reinforced.
    Can’t anybody just do anything normally? For fuck’s sake. Just engage the sex worker, pay him or her what you agreed upon, and get the fuck out. But no, somebody always has to be the asshole.

  2. To me the kicker is that if they had paid up, there apparently wouldn’t have been a complaint to the police which apparently is what made this go public.
    The other is that for the boys on top (and I do mean XY boys) there have long been areas of govt (and especially where private contractors influenced those who hold the purse strings) where far worse occured.

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