Crunch Time

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So, a week to go and Norman Bates lookalike Scott Walker is in a dead heat…hanging on by the skin of…barely managing to stay even despite an absurd amount of mostly out-of-state money that might be able to purchase an election…but can’t buy back Walker’s credibility.

Anyway, even though I hate having to settle for moral victories — and literally bang my head on the table when “our” side doesn’t even bother to show up, much less bring a knife to a gun fight — the people of Wisconsin have scared them. Scared them enough to throw an ocean of money into…Scott Walker, who again, might well eke out a victory, but no amount of spin will make him anything other than Norman Bates crossed with maybe a bit of Peewee Herman…an awful lot of ego but not much intellect…or street smarts.

If he’s the best they’ve got, I’ll take my chances.

3 thoughts on “Crunch Time

  1. pansypoo says:

    drip drip. let more dribble out on the investigation.

  2. Elspeth Ravenwind says:

    That’s insulting to Pee Wee Herman…just sayin’.
    I hope SCUD Walker loses by even just enough to avoid a recount…my dream is that he goes down in flames…that the polls showing him holding even are just folks who say they like him, but will actually vote for their best interests in the recall…or not show up/not mail in a vote for SCUD.

  3. Tommy T says:

    The Big Dog is heading up there to help.
    Sic’ ’em!

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