Dr. Robert-s


So it’s D-Day and not quite minus two hours to go…yesterdayI saw this article by Sean Trende. He mentioned something I commented on here a couple of days ago — Scalia’s tantrum/dissent in the Arizona immigration law case was particularly childish/churlish — but then noted Tony has a history of writing petulant dissents if an important case doesn’t go his way.

So perhaps there’s some modest hope.

Trende is also pretty sure Roberts is writing the decision, hence this post’s title…andoptional soundtrack. Guess we’ll see in just a bit.

3 thoughts on “Dr. Robert-s

  1. Whooot!! Obamacare, mandate are upheld!!!
    How has our president failed you today?
    Wingnut heads are exploding nation-wide. Dumb fuckers.

  2. Damn shame two of the exploding heads aren’t Limbaugh and Glenn Beck…

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