Happy Kerry Photo


I am thinking about all the dicks you’re going to have to eat, pal.


When the it comes to the contentious topic of Mitt Romney’s tax returns, the Romney campaign has invoked precedent, defending their decision to release just two years worth of returns as the standard set by the campaigns of John McCain and John Kerry. The Romney campaign renewed this argument on Sunday.

In fact. Sen. Kerry (D-MA) had released 20 years of tax returns when he ran for president in 2004.

And also, I thought Kerry was an America-hating Commie Frenchman. Since when is anything he did the new normal?


2 thoughts on “Happy Kerry Photo

  1. Of all the political tactics I find thoroughly desipcable, the top of my list would be to take an event which folks probably don’t remember (like, how many folks remembered how many years Kerry released) and make a “factual” statement and conclusion based on an outright fabrication of the event (Kerry only released 2, so that is AOK, Okey-dokey for Romney).

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