Power of the State

Tell me again how this is all about freedom, because nothing says freedom to me like the state being able to force you to bear a child against your will:

The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts, the governing body that regulates the practice of medicine in the state, stripped the medical license of a woman who refused to force a mentally-ill 10 year old to give birth.

As Robin Marty reports, Dr. Ann Neuhaus became the target of domestic terror group Operation Rescue after her colleague, Dr. George Tiller, was murdered. Neuhaus assisted Tiller by providing second opinions for mental health exceptions for late-term abortions.

Operation Rescue filed a negligence complaint against Neuhaus alleging that her exams were not thorough enough to support her medical conclusions and her follow-up care was inadequate because she did not recommend counseling or hospitalization after each procedure.


8 thoughts on “Power of the State

  1. I’d guess plenty of Operation Rescue types are psychologically at the level of mentally ill ten year olds…

  2. Witch hunts. This is the modern-day equivalent of witch hunts. If they could actually light a fire, they would.
    Bonus question: Who knows why people call homosexuals “faggots”?

  3. While the focus of the story is Dr. Neuhaus, I’m wondering about the child. A 10-year-old (mentally disabled or not) is a child and she will be forced to have a child. Will she be able to support the child, raise the child, take care of the child? Who will pay the bills for these children?
    I dislike the forced-birthers sooooooooooooo much.

  4. No, you just don’t understand:
    BAD government intrusion is when the gummint acts to stop some Gordon Gecko type from making a pile any way he can…no matter how morally or ethically dubious…or to keep military-style megakill weapons out of the hands of the disaffected, deranged, and dangerous…
    GOOD government intrusion is when the gummint steps in to run your vagoo for you for your own good–kinda like the Catholic church in the good old days…of the Middle Ages.

  5. @MichaelF – I’d have to add that most are at a low level of moral development where they, like a 3 year old, can only see things in stark black and white.
    Even by the most conservative morality, the two-fold effect principle would very well apply as a 10-year old is likely to suffer severe harm by giving birth.

  6. The maternal mortality rate in the US is going up. Testimony to the success of the war on women.

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