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Greg Peters had a regular feature at his much missed blog, Suspect Device: lazy quotes from better writers; or something like that. This is one of those times. This is the first paragraph of apre-debate postby the political poet laureate of Esquire, Charles P. Pierce:

Tonight, the existential absurdity of having Willard Romney, a
complete creature of the financial elite, at even money to be elected
president of the United States a mere four years after that same elite
burned down the world economy and looted what was left, will be
compounded by the existential absurdity of having two men argue about
when — and, in Romney’s case, if — we should remove our troops from a
country in which young women are beheaded if theyrefuse to prostitute themselves.

2 thoughts on “Paragraph of the day

  1. Second, or I guess in this case third MapleStreet and your recommendation.
    How many times do our elites have to fail before they’re even just-not- rewarded, much less actually, I don’t know, punished or at least forced to pay more than what they think of as petty cash?
    Romney even having a chance to get elected president is as…laughable as Nixon beating McGovern…and that makes me more than just a little depressed.

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