Childless Women Can’t Say Shit, Part the Eleventh

The worst insult they can come up with for this woman is “childless:”

They have demonstrated that the worst thing you can say to a woman with an opinion is that she’s a) ugly b) sexually frustrated c) bitter d) childless e) slutty, or f) some combination of the above. Koenig has been on the receiving end of all of it, despite the fact that Keonig in a committed relationship and has mentioned, many times, that she has never ruled out motherhood.

It’s shit like this that made me not want kids once upon a time. If Doc hadn’t told me I didn’t have to automatically love other people or their kids if I had my own, I think I’d still be on the pill. As it is, I want a kid desperately, and I think STFU Parents is hilarious, and here’s why:

It’s not about parents, good or bad.

It’s about shitty behavior on social media.

It’s about oversharing. It’s about posting incessant updates about banality. It’s about hijacking other people’s statuses and using bad grammar and generally being a total asshole who doesn’t know what the Internet is for. Just like STFU, Conservatives and STFU, Liberals and STFU, Believers and every other STFU site out there.

But that this one challenges the general assertion that parenthood is somehow above mockery is cause to call the author an ugly, unlovable whore.

Because if she had kids, she’d automatically become a total asshole with no sense of humor, too?

That’s a pretty lousy way to encourage someone to breed, and a much more stinging indictment of parenthood than anything posted on B’s site.


5 thoughts on “Childless Women Can’t Say Shit, Part the Eleventh

  1. I’m committedly childfree (never wanted kids, and if I had, I would have had them when I was still young and energetic; at 37 with my disabilities, I’m pushing 50), and this is exactly right. If ugly, frustrated, and childless are the worst they can call me, bring it on. It’s kind of funny, really. I’d really rather that than, say, what Radcliffe Haughton did in the spa the other day; now there’s some industrial-strength weaponised misogyny…

  2. If there isn’t a STFU Runners I may need to start one so I don’t end up on there, btw.

  3. Never wanted a kid, had one anyway.
    Now she’s grown up and not having kids herself because she’s smarter than I was.
    So, there’ll be no grandkids — the only thing that makes parenting worth it.
    (Having a child you didn’t want, as if you didn’t know, is not very good for child or parent.)

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