Shorter Red State: Finally, We Have a Nominee!

Ryan highlights exactly why Romney sucks, and that’s a GOOD thing, for reasons:

The sighs you hear are Republicans sighing some relief. Finally, the Romney campaign has a spokesman who can do what Mitt Romney has never been capable of doing — defend success and articulate a message of why we must reform our nation’s budget and support free markets.

After all the Romney campaign missteps and flubs of the past few weeks, I am encouraged. But we should be clear here:it is not enough, but it is an excellent start to a reboot.

You’re publicly rebooting something that hasn’t even been released yet. You are renovating a house that is presently a pile of bricks and some blueprints sitting on a driveway. Romney won’t be the nominee until Tampa, not officially anyway, so if you’re already fixing him up that is a sign that something has gone badly haywire.

And nobody accused Ryan of killing old people, only of wanting them to die in poverty. I mean, it’s not like he walks around with an axe.


6 thoughts on “Shorter Red State: Finally, We Have a Nominee!

  1. From the comments: “I expect him [Ryan] to hammer home the message of what is coming for kids and grandkids – our devastating and bankrupt future if we keep on pretending that nothing is wrong.”
    I believe in planning for the future, but can we fix just little of all that’s very wrong now? Our kids and grandkids are hurting right fecking now. Why, why, why is it always about the looming catastrophes of the future?

  2. I think this finally got the base on board the Rmoney train. It would have been an embarrassing convention were it not for choosing the white male supremacist zombie eyed granny starver.

  3. Grandmere – my guess is that things are scarier if you can’t see them. Using the current conditions is like a horror movie shot in blazing sunlight.

  4. I find the comment at the top (as of my looking at the article) quite interesting.
    It points out that we are still without a budget. Posted by alanjoelny and linking (through bitly) to
    There are times that the red state commenters leave me not knowing if they are serious or a troll posting as a parody.

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