At least he’s consistent

The Junior Senator from the Gret Stet of Louisiana has chimed in with his views on the current immigration debate:

Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) slammed his colleague, Marco Rubio (R-FL), over his support for an immigration reform bill in a radio interview with Laura Ingraham.

“I love and respect Marco, I think he’s just amazingly naïve on this
issue,” Vitter said. “This is the same old formula that we’ve dealt with
before… promises of enforcement never materialize, the amnesty happens
immediately the millisecond the bill is signed into the law.”

Vitter said that if Rubio, who appeared on the show defending his
plan earlier the same day, believes illegal immigrants would not rapidly
gain citizenship under his plan, “I think he’s nuts.”

I wonder if Bitter Vitter would change his position if the bill gave undocumented trollops and dominatrixes a path to citizenship? Probably not given this attack ad from his 2010 re-election campaign:

6 thoughts on “At least he’s consistent

  1. Funny, but I don’t remember Diaper Dave demanding ‘papers please’ when Bush the Dumber waived prevailing wage regulations after the flood, virtually guaranteeing large numbers of people without papers would participate in rebuilding New Orleans…

  2. Mexican workers did my roof in one day. Contractor is a friend of mine and he *really* misses having so many Mexican guys to jump on roofs for him.

  3. Similar to MichaelF: I wasn’t in NOLA and don’t know. But knowing how things work after a hurricaine hits, there is usually a cry to get anyone who can build things back or at least stabilize the situation. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to hear they welcomed a whole lot of immigrants from Mexico to fix things.
    About the commercial clip: I seem to remember seeing that attack ad with other names attached. It wouldn’t surprise me if the repubs ran it in every state and just inserted different names.

  4. Question to Vitter: Do you prefer Pampers or are you a traditional cloth diaper kind of guy?

  5. Houses here in Thibodaux would still have blue tarps were it not for the roofers from Mexico. Mexican immigrants work in the the sugar cane fields, too. Who thinks Vitter will cross the sugar cane farmers with complaints about their immigrant workers? The local Walmart stocks Mexican food and has signs in Spanish.

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