There Is No Money for Journalism

If only kids today valued real news:

Matt Lauer: $22-25 million

Diane Sawyer: $12 million

Katie Couric: $10 million

Forget these children with their twerkings and Twitterings. You wanna know what’s destroying American culture? THIS.

At least Jon Stewart is funny. I’m no massive fan of either Sawyer or Couric, but that Lauer, that sexist douchebag clown, makes twice what they do, and they make ten times what a reporter could hope to earn in a lifetime, speaks volumes about who really values journalism. Here’s a hint: It ain’t media companies.


6 thoughts on “There Is No Money for Journalism

  1. Easy fix. Turn off the television. Maybe use that extra time to make some money so you won’t have to concern yourself with how much the other guy makes.

  2. No, it couldn’t happen. These talking douche bags do not relate to the rest of us. Time to boycott the big advertisers who charge tons of money over and above what their goods are worth to customers to support these overpaid weenies.

    Ed Meese said Reagan regretted it.
    He gave Amnesty to 3,000,000 illegal immigrants
    The Quota in 1990 WAS 5000,000.
    Yet! 1,500,000 were allowed to enter the United States.
    Those who got Amnesty soon became citizens after which they were entitled to bring in their immediate family thus the 1,500,000.
    Today, we have 11,000,000 illegal immigrants.
    What happens if we give them Amnesty?
    In five years will we allow 5,500,00 more to enter as immediate family members?
    President Bush, Sr. increased the quota to 700,000.
    Where are the jobs for them?

  4. “NBC reported today that Matt Lauer, currently drawing a salary of between $22 million and $25 million, has set up a foundation to provide salaries for struggling journalists. Lauer will draw an effective salary of $500 thousand a year while donating the remainder of his income from his NBC ‘Today’ show job to a foundation he has set up to provide working salaries for journalists who otherwise would not get them. At an average salary of $50 thousand per year, this means that the Lauer Foundation for Better Journalism could fund annual salaries for more than 400 working journalists around America.”
    “‘Well, my kids are a little upset that they’ll have to be going to public school for a while,’ Lauer said, ‘and we’re going to have to sell the vacation houses in Vermont, Aspen, and Santa Barbara, but I think it’s for the better, in the long run.'”
    Hey, it could happen!

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