Sunday Morning Video: Thatcher’s Fall

Here’s the penultimate episode of an 8 part series done by the Daily Telegraph about Margaret Thatcher’s political career. I like this one the best as it describes how her own party knifed her. For some reason, the Tories haven’t mentioned this since her death. I cannot imagine why:

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Video: Thatcher’s Fall

  1. One of the lesser understood things about Thatcher (in this country, that is) is that she and Reagan were on essentially parallel paths, listening to many of the same outside advisors (the blatantly right-wing economist, James M. Buchanan, for example), people who were ideologues first and thinkers second. And while the UK, as a second-rate power in the world, had a different constellation of problems than those in the US, Thatcher’s and Reagan’s approach to those problems were more or less identical. As a consequence, they did change the process of governance for the worse and in very similar ways, and those changes reverberated for decades afterward through successive governments.
    As a consequence, the Thatcher and Reagan administrations fed off one another, not so much as a mutual admiration society, but, rather, as coincident bad managers borrowing bad policy from one another, and using each other as justification for doing so. The end result was a proliferation of bad ideas in each country to a greater extent than would have been the case otherwise.

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