This Blog is So Great I Need a Cigarette: Kitty Week Concludes!


You all. YOU ALL.I said $300 for the kitties and you were all like “eh, okay, fine, but let’s make it $500 and let’s send notes of support and let’s get our friends to chip in off the wish list because you may think we’re great but actually we are so much better than you think we are and we do this EVERY DAMN TIME, like pay attention, lady.”

You raised $547 for the kitties. In four days. Because when the world’s caving in you put your hands to good use. I’m so proud to know you all.

I’ve got a message in to the Feral Fixers crew to find out what their greatest need is right now, and whatever that is, they’ll have that taken care of. You guys are the absolute best. Way to redeem one of the worst weeks in recorded history by making kitties happy. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!


7 thoughts on “This Blog is So Great I Need a Cigarette: Kitty Week Concludes!

  1. I had to wait for today, but I just put a bit more in for the kitties! Thanks for doing this.

  2. Rock on, A. Is there something for ferrets in this too or is it just kittehs who depend on you?

  3. I don’t know if right-wing sites do this but I know a number of liberal/lefty sites besidesFirst Draft which fundraise for animal/pet causes. I contribute when I can (sorry wasn’t able to help Feral Felines) but I’m proud of other commentors and what they’ve done to help either shelters or programs or individual animals. It heals the world and makes it whole.

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