Paragraph of the day

It comes from the great Charles Pierce in a post entitled Louie Gohmert Gets Pantsed:

Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas, perhaps the dumbest mammal
to enter a legislative chamber since Caligula’s horse, and Gohmert’s
only the half of that, pretty much got pantsed in front of the world
yesterday by Eric Holder who, while I still think he should resign,
seems to be getting pleasantly fed up with the denizens of the
Republican monkeyhouse. By the end of it, Gohmert was hollering
incoherently, and the committee chairman, Bob Goodlatte (R-Venti) looked
like he would liked have very much to have Gohmert sedated and sent to a
quiet farm in Alberta for a few years.

I read this in the wee hours last night, and laughed so hard that my back fence neighbors stoppped squabbling for a minute. Not really, but I wish they had…

One thought on “Paragraph of the day

  1. I like to think that there is a farm somewhere for clueless doofusses from congress to run about and frolic. There’s a duck pond and some geese. A fat old turkey that’ll eat corn right out of your hand! And bunnies! Oh…the bunnies. There are so many bunnies and they all need hugs to grow big and strong.
    And safety helmets so when they inevitably run into things Canadian taxpayers don’t have to shell out cash for stitches and bandaids for boo-boos.

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