Nothing’s Real Anymore

Fucking sociopaths:

Speaking of urban agony, by the way — if folks on the right were truly Macchiavellian, they’d be joining the critics of stop-and-frisk. The big Blue enclaves are where the crime and racial strife mostly are; letting those get worse would probably benefit folks on the right. Luckily for the hipsters, righties are too principled for that sort of “heightening the contradictions” thing.

What Glenn “Celebrate Diversity” Reynolds is really saying here is that it would be totes hilarious if enough people died that things started to suck FOR LIBERALS.

Christ, these people. Everything’s permissible if it proves their point. Wars are to make us feel better and urban crime is for use in arguments and everything’s just this big abstraction. Nothing really touches them inside the gated community of the soul, so what difference does it make if the city burns? Fuck ’em, let ’em rot.


9 thoughts on “Nothing’s Real Anymore

  1. And then they think liberals have this same mindset, because they are not just sociopaths but projecting sociopaths.
    They just can’t imagine being in someone else’s shoes. I often think how the lack of creative types on the Right is due to them just not having that or any kind of imagination.
    Or they have used up all their natural creativity in maintaining their bizarre world-view.

  2. Although I get the focus on the irony extending to almost a tongue-in-cheek argument that conservatives should take on the vile position that civil disorder is beneficial to them…
    I can’t help but think of the number of people who actively defend those who apply mindless violence. For example, the guy who shot up the movie theater was a hero for stockpiling munitions and apply his second amendment rights. Likewise for people I’ve heard people express admiration about the guy who recently shot up a BBQ with the claim that it was an application of Stand Your Ground and the Bush Doctrine.

  3. It is too late for the weekend thread where this would also fit. But fits well here also. Sitting in a local burger joint at lunch today, what appeared to be a family at the table next to me.
    The lady asked the guy about Obama. Speaking slow and loud (seemingly typical of a lot of the Rush fans) the guy launches into a spiel that he got a phone call last night that the Chinese are paying their people $5 million each to move to America (supposedly as China is out of room).
    Funny how he didn’t pick up that a large number of those coming to America are the better educated and posess technical skills which their home country needs.
    But the tie to this thread – There is a group of people out there that swallow Limbaugh, Beck, Faux News, etc. hook, line, and sinker. Not content to listen to their shows, they spend their nights calling each other (I’m guessing a combination of making sure that everyone is frightened/fueling their fear level/becoming intoxicated with fear/etc. along with gaining the comfort of group admiration / confirmation by parroting the group’s creed – kind of like saying that you say reptiles in Congress in a David Icke convention).

  4. MichaelF, did you really mean to say “Bullshit” or is that a quaint metaphor for Rumsfield, Cheney, Nixon, etc. etc.?

  5. Both, MapleStreet.
    Actually I was thinking about how “principled” wingnut Californians loudly insisted their 2nd Amendment rights were violated when then-governor Ronaldus Magnus signed strict gun control legislation in light of Black Panthers taking advantage of open carry rights in the Golden State…
    Oh, wait, that’s right — wingnuts did no such thing. They didn’t have the slightest problem with restricting the rights of “those people.”

  6. “Gated Community of the Soul” should be the title of your next book, Ms. A. So long as you properly attribute their words to them you won’t hardly have to use up any of your own words to write the book.
    This would be for the Reynolds and Cohen and Gregory and Dowd and Woodward types, who ought to know better, not for the Bachman and King and Gingrich and Beck and Limbaugh types, who are either too stupid or too utterly soulless to understand the evil, I guess for lack of a better word, that they do.
    Their book should be more like “Thru the Door of Night beyond the Walls of the World,”* where they belong.
    *Tolkien – The Silmarillion

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